Xplorador Malbec 2007
Xplorador Malbec 2007

Mrs. Dan and I just sat down to enjoy some homemade Buffalo Chili. I guess the fancy term would be Bison Chili. We opened a bottle of Xplorador Malbec 2007. The bottle recommended drinking it with duck, beef, roast lamb and dishes with spicy sauces. I guess chili fits the spicy sauces part. Mellow with good flavor. Fruity but not sweet. I think we could enjoy this wine again especially since it only cost $6.99. (the Bison Chili was made with Killian’s by the way). Mrs. Dan liked it.
From: Argentina
Winery: Concha y Toro
Bought it at: Vineyard Wine Market
Paid: $6.99 (plus 5% discount for buying a half-case during their weekend sale)
Stopper: Cork

Score: I give it 3 corks

Dan’s Rating System:
1 Cork: Don’t waste your money
2 Corks: Worth the money but not a repeat
3 Corks: Buy it again, especially if we serve chili. A great wine for a cheap bastard


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