I had this Kunde Zinfandel with $5 pizza

Kunde Sonoma Valley Zinfandel 2006

I was real proud of myself for finding a Kunde Zin for under $8. I was shopping at Publix and saw it and thought…. way cool. The Kunde Wine Dinners at Calvert’s have been popular.

Tonight I was in the mood for something inexpensive yet tastes good and pulled this wine out. I was being real cheap because I bought “orange” pizza from Little Ceasars. (That’s what Mr. Ben calls it).

I opened the wine and started sipping. Nice flavor. A bit spicy as in peppery. Nice fruit balanced by tannins. Yummmm. Then I went digging for the receipt to get the exact price. $16.99!!!!!!!!! I would never pay $16.99 for a red for daily drinking. I’ve been robbed. I’m heading down to Publix tomorrow to see what the price on the display really said.

Now I feel cheated in that I opened a wine I would rather save for a date night with Mrs. Dan and had it with $5 pizza. I guess that’s the hazard of being a cheap bastard.

I have to admit that lately I act like a moth attracted to a flame when I see “Old Vine Zinfandel” on the label. This time it’s just Zinfandel but it being priced under $8 had the same affect. I like this wine. I can taste some oak. The flavors are very bold but not sweet. I could drink this wine almost every day….. IF IT WEREN’T $16.99.

Okay, breathe, calm down…. ummmmmmmmmm…… Okay, I’m in my happy spot now.

There’s a reason why the Kunde Dinners that Calvert’s and Ninth Street sponsor have been so popular. Kunde makes a good wine. More expensive than a cheap wine bastard like me wants to pay. I bet Dennis would jump at this wine for $16.99. Matter of fact I hope he does so I can say that we agree on something. Actually we agree on a lot of things. If Dennis likes it I know it will be good. Just not sure I want to buy something over $10 on a regular basis.

Kunde Family Estate Zinfandel

Back to the wine. I’m supposed to be reviewing it. The aroma is nice. I couldn’t tell you want the aromas are but it’s quite pleasant. I cheated and looked at the label. Hey These guys write labels the way I write my column! They use lots of ellipses. “Let’s see …. boysenberry fruit, strong flavors of black pepper, anise and cloves…. it must be Kunde Family Estate Zinfandel. The experts call it being ‘varietally correct’. We’ll just suggest you serve it up with a fancy risotto or a down home turkey sandwich–either way you’ll have a great meal.”

Reading that label makes me happy. Whoever wrote that label should pat themselves on the back. This wine could taste like ….. welll.. you know what and I’ll feel better after reading the label. I did detect the black pepper. The cloves escaped me but on second taste it’s there. Anise? I never guess that one because I’ve always heard that it tastes like liquorice and I hate liquorice.

So if you are willing to spend more than $10 and less than $20 for a Zin then try this one. But buy it at Ninth Street or Vineyard. I’m thinking of boycotting Publix. I just hope there’s some left for Mrs. Dan to try because I’m not spending $16.99 for another bottle for at least 3 months.

Year: 2006


P.S. Mrs. Dan finally got home and had some and said “I like it and I’m worth it.”


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