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T ime to play in the snow. That’s not something I get to say very often in Augusta, GA. Well it came and actually stayed for a day or so and is now on its way as we are supposed to hit 60 degrees this week.

So, it is appropriate that I have a Winter Ale tonight. I am drinking it as I mourn the lost of my beloved Raichle boots. I bought them back in the 90’s. They traveled with me to Alaska, on the Appalachian Trail (very short 1 day hikes) and through various snowstorms over the years. I loved those boots. They still look great. But as I pulled them on the rubber between the sole and the leather literally started crumbling. I left a trail of sticky rubbery chunks through the house. So sad.

So, time to lift my spirits. I drank this very cold in a frosted glass. Very malty with a very dry edge to it. The edge is almost like a dry baking spice, you know if you take some baking spices like cinnamon and gloves and leave out the sugar you get flavor but this certain dryness. But this doesn’t have any clove or cinnamon so I guess the best comparison is unsweetened chocolate. This dryness is also like the mouthfeel you get when you accidentally bite on some that shell lining when you open a pecan.

From the Stevens Point Website
From the Stevens Point Website

Nice simple flavor. Roasty but not over the top. Got some effervescence but not much head. Dark but not black dark. Very dark brown. The second sip is sweeter that the first. Nice and smooth.

Time to check out their website. They say “St. Benedict of Nursia lived in the late 5th to early 6th centuries.  Legend has it while living in solitude, he was befriended by a raven that later saved his life.  He is most remembered for writing the Rule of St. Benedict that, among other virtues, teaches humility.  Inspired by this Rule we humbly offer St. Benedict’s Winter Ale, a hand-crafted ale using generous amounts of dark roasted malts and the finest noble hops for a robust warming flavor.”

I’m sorry I am drinking this so late in their season considering its availability is November 1 – January 31. I bought this a build a six at Wine World. It’s 29 IBUs. Got lots of malts: 2-row, 6-row, Pilsen, Roasted, Aromatic, 2-row Chocolate.

Uses only Cluster hops.

The alcohol is 6.2% by volume so you could probably enjoy two in an evening. They also have some pairing suggestions: “The deep roasted malt flavors of St. Benedict’s Winter Ale will enhance a juicy steak, beef stew, or stroganoff. Be decadent and indulge with a dessert of St. Benedict’s and your favorite chocolate! With Cheese: Pair with Roquefort or French Morbier cheeses.” They also compare it with wine: “Serve St. Benedict’s Winter Ale as you would Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, or Port.”

I wish we had steak tonight so see how it pairs. We had veggie burgers. Unfortunately I finished my brew before the burgers were ready.
Cost: $1.70 per bottle


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