A second Miracle on the Plains. My brother Charlie was offered 2 tickets to the Iron Bowl. And the best part—–at face value.

So we are sitting once again at Halftime in downtown Auburn on College Street. I’m trying the Good People Bearded Lady. It’s a summer wheat ale. Slightly bitter hops but has a grapefruit taste that takes over and the bitterness mellows out. Not bad for a brew that was probably kegged 8 months ago.

Now to try something different. It’s still four hours from game time. Plenty of time to try some different brews.  I tried all of the other Alabama brews the last time we were here for the Georgia game. Time to go across the river and drink a Georgia brew. Red Brick Lost Years Strong Ale.


Damn Lee Corso. He’s picked the hometown underdog last 2 weeks. Not this week. Looks like Auburn is truly the underdog.

Hmmm. This is a nice Belgium style ale. Sweet , heavy, smooth, a hint of balancing hops. Super dark but the head is much lighter. Chocolate. Maybe a hint of cloves. Almost creamy but definitely smooth.

I don’t post very often that I’m a Michigan fan. I’m a Wolverine convert having married Mrs. Dan. Right now we are watching the start of the Michigan-Ohio State game. I hate Ohio State because when I was getting my Masters degree at Ohio University I was introduced to how big an ass……s. that Buckeyes can be.

Go Big Blue! Touchdown Michigan!!!!!!

20131130-113133.jpgThis is a 100 oz self tap that my new best friend Kenny just filled with Shocktop. I hope it’s for Auburn fans.

Damn Ohio State. They just scored.

Touchdown Michigan!!!!!!!!!

Damn Ohio State!!!

Okay. To support Michigan I’ve shifted up North and bow having a Goose Island Harvest Ale. Interesting. Very hoppy but not super bitter. Kinda smooth. Kinda dry. It’s a battle between flavor and texture. Here’s what I found. In their website.
Brewed in honor of the Harvest season this copper colored ESB is made with Cascade hops and the richest Midwestern malts. A fruity American hop aroma and a toasty malt character make Goose Island Harvest Ale an extra special beer worthy of your devotion. – See more at:

Touchdown Michigan!!!!!

Okay so I just watched a bartender pour a hard coder into a pint glass, then peach schnapps and orange juice. A beer mimosa. Probably for a Bama fan.

Interception Michigan!!!!!!!!

Mrs. Dan has been under the weather but she’s feeling better about now. She just messaged me that it is time to clear out the trailer park  of the Big Ten.

The Goose Island is a nice brew. Wouldn’t drink every day but I think I would enjoy this with a nice burger or even bleu cheese chips which I’m enjoying right now.

Time to head back South. I’m having a STA He Ain’t Heffe Hefeweizen or that is what the beer sheet says.

Found out that STA stands for Straight To Ale. It’s a Huntsville brew. Interesting they say “He Ain’t Heffe is our take on the traditional German hefeweizen. An unfiltered wheat beer, it has a big nose full of banana and clove, a light and fruity flavor and a very small hop profile. Sweet and refreshing … a great lawnmower beer!”
Wow. Banana. That was the flavor I was trying to figure out. But it’s another summer seasonal sitting around. On tap. I guess the locals don’t drink enough non-Bud. This one has the effervescence that I think a good hefe has. The banana is a bit weird but then again I’m intrigued with each sip.


Dave is from. Michigan and it switching to his auburn jacket.


Okay. My luck continues. They changed the kegs and they presented me with the last pour of the Laughing Skull Amber Ale. I’m honored.

I’m impressed with the boldness of this brew. Much more bitter than its dark color implies.

Not sure what burns worse right now… The Michigan fumble/Ohio State score or the cayenne pepper boiled peanuts we’re eating. Hot damn.

Okay. Here’s the update. When you go to a football game everyone has their cellphones out texting or sharing photos. My poor iPhone spent so much energy  looking for a signal that by halftime it was almost dead.  I wanted to do an update but wanted to save my battery for some photos in case we won.

Unless you live under a rock this was the best football game in history. I only attended two games this year. Georgia and Alabama. Can you believe it. See my followup.


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