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Weyerbacher Blithering Idiot Barley-Wine Style Ale

I t’s finally quiet. Mrs. Dan is asleep. Mr. Ben is dreaming of dinosaurs. Moxie-the-Dumb-Ass-Cat is laying feet up on the sofa. Adobe-the-Little-White-Dog is snoring at my feet.

Well kinda of quiet. Ethel-the-Yellow-Bitch-Cat is sitting in the hallway wailing like a stilted lover threatening to jump off a building. Oh, how I wish she was and she would jump. I hate that cat. Marriage puts a man to all sorts of tests. One is accepting a new cat into his life. Ethel was one of two yellow tabby sisters that I inherited when I married Mrs. Dan 11 years ago. Lucy, who is somewhere playing on a farm with other cats, was her freaky sister. I think she was dropped off by aliens and was waiting for the mothership to pick her up. She liked to pee on everything. One night, when I caught her peeing on the kitchen wall, I grabbed her and she bit me clean through my finger. It was quite painful because it included biting me through my fingernail. Having a cat bite you through your fingernail ranks up there with Bubba Jones hitting you in the …. well… tender spot. Like I said, Lucy is now playing with other cats on a farm.


Ethel decided that using the liter box in the laundry room is like a game of “tossing the hand grenade.” When it comes to hand grenades close is good enough. In my book, it’s more like a game of darts. It only counts if you hit in the bull’s eye and I think a 1×2 foot box is a plenty big bull’s eye. At least that’s my opinion. Ethel doesn’t seem to share my opinion.

I couldn’t take it any longer. I had a quick trip to Publix and bought new liter boxes, new litter and a gallon of Pinesol. At 9PM I opened the back door and the evening air was more than enough to lure Ethel and Moxie outside. As soon as they were out I slammed the door. I then spent an hour venting my frustration scrubbing the laundry room until it was pine fresh.

Couple of years ago I did a wine review that paired a wine with dog poop (Mrs. Dan had run over some with the vacuum cleaner and I spent hours getting it out of the rotating brush). I don’t think I’ve done a cat pee pairing with a wine but tonight I do a cat pee pairing with a brew.

Now I’m not trying to find a brew that compliments cat pee. I’m trying to find a nice brew that makes me forget I just spent an hour cleaning up after the nastiest cat I’ve ever known.

I think I found it. In my quest to finish off the 55, no 59 brews thanks to Mrs. Dan, in my laundry room I pulled out Weyerbacher’s Blithering Idiot Barley Style Ale. I’m embarrassed to say that I think this was a gift from either Brett or Mark on my last birthday (my birthday was this week so maybe a year ago) or last Christmas. Details, smetails.

Weyerbacher Blithering Idiot
Weyerbacher Blithering Idiot

I wanted something that was a bit more octane to help erase the last hour. At 11.1% I think it fits the bill.

Blithering Idiot comes in a 4-pack. I had consumed the others way back when. I kept one around to review but never got around to it. I’m now getting around to it. (I swore not to purchase any more beer until I finished the 55…err…59 and dammit the Octoberfest brews are coming out and I want to buy).

There is a beer review in here somewhere so hang on. This brew has definitely taken the edge off the evening. It’s a dark (but not super dark) Christmas/Winter brew style of a beer.

Lots of baking spice flavor. Creamy mouthfeel. Malty like all get out. I remember it being a bit more overpowering when I tried it ….. 9-12 months ago. I think it might have mellowed. That’s the great thing about many of the darker intense brews. They age well. This isn’t Bud. It’s actually nice to have tasted it months ago and again possibly a year later.

Nice copper color. Tastes and smells of dates and cinnamon-type spices. I started with a frosted glass. It started out bold and mellow on the aftertaste. Now that it has warmed up the flavors are more intense like I remembered it last year. The finish lasts much longer now that it has warmed up a bit. But nice lingering taste. If Bud is your measuring stick for liking beer then this is not for you. If you like a nice bold full-flavored spiced brew then give it a try.

I checked out their website and they say “Our barleywine is made in the British tradition of balanced hearty ales. Blithering Idiot is a deep-copper ale with intense malty notes of dates and figs on the palate that follows a pleasurably malty aroma to your taste buds. The finish is warm and fruity, and begs for the next sip. Enjoy Blithering Idiot in a brandy snifter or wine glass with full-flavored meats and cheeses, or as an after-dinner drink.
Lay a few down. Aging only helps a barleywine develop more complexity. At 11.1% ABV this fine ale will keep for years. We feel comfortable setting our “Best By” date out to five years past the bottling date. This wonderful brew is available year-round.”

Wow. I guess I did the right thing for once. It wasn’t a bad thing that I took a year to drink it. I believe them that you could keep this one for 5 years. (I looked and looked for a bottling date and could not find one).

So, if you are looking for a brew that pairs well with cat pee this is the one for you. After having one of these you laugh it off.

Good brew.

(Editor’s Note: Despite the fact that I would love nothing better than to see Ethel-the-Yellow-Bitch-Cat pack her bags and leave, I would never hurt or harm one of God’s creatures— even if they are one of his dumbest creations.)

From: Easton, Pennsylvania
Brewery: Weyerbacher


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