Bill and Friends Friday afternoon (she makes great deviled eggs)

R oger was featuring wines that people had special ordered but never picked up. These folks had good taste just didn’t follow through with the sale for various reason. Our gain, their loss. He was also holding a hurricane sale. Might as well stock up for the impending storm.
I stopped by on Friday. A transformer blew down the street and the power went off for a few seconds. Was Irma early? No, but those just outside the shop jumped when they saw the transformer go. Inside we were tasting six wines and enjoying some nibbles.
My favorite white was the Trifula Truffle Dog Bianco. It has a grape I’m not familiar with, Cortese. This Italian grape makes up 70% with the remaining 30% being Chardonnay. My favorite red as the Lafage La Narassa. I bought a bottle for later.

As usual the nibbles were great. One of the tasters brought some very yummy deviled eggs to munch on. Cheers/
Where: Vineyard Wine Market , 4414 Evans to Lock Road, Evans, GA. (706) 922-9463

When: Friday, September 8, 2017, 5-7 PM and Saturday, September 9, 2017, 5-7 PM.
Cost: $10
Here are the wines to be presented (click to see more):

  1. Trifula Truffle Dog Bianco 2015
  2. Casal Garcia Vinho Verde
  3. Domaine Lafage La Narassa 2014
  4. Bodegas Breca Old Vines 2014
  5. Louis M Martini Sonoma Cabernet Sauvignon 2014
  6. Two Hands Sexy Beast Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

The weekend lineup

Here are the detailed wine notes:
Trifula Truffle Dog Bianco 2015 | Piedmont – Monferrato, Italy
Intense, fruity and highly refreshing. Pleasant, well balanced and harmonic with a delicate fragrance of white flowers. It pairs well with starters, salads, seafood and fish dishes.
Cost: $10.99
Casal Garcia Vinho Verde | Portugal
Notes of citrus are amongst the fruity aromas that define the freshness and youth of this limpid and delicate wine. Website
Cost: $9.99
Domaine Lafage La Narassa 2014 | Vin de pays des Côtes Catalanes, France
70% Grenache – 30% Syrah. The nose dominates notes of blackberries, wild herbs, and touches of peppers. The mouth is full-bodied and ample, a rare aromatic richness, with silky and light tannins. The finish is fresh delivering a surprising elegance. The harvest takes place later, giving the grapes an advanced maturity, offering a smooth texture with a finely sweet finish. Our idea is to be able to obtain a wine of the “Ripasso” style. Manual harvest in small baskets for Grenache. We select the best grapes for this cuvée. A cold maceration will be chosen for a better extraction of the fruit and its color.–From their Website
Cost: $19.99
Bodegas Breca Old Vines 2014 | Spain
An authentic, natural, and traditional wine produced from the original Garnacha, which was first cultivated in Aragón in the 7th Century, and spread around Europe by the Medieval Kingdom of Aragón. Calatayud produces a unique expression of Garnacha due to its geographic and climactic conditions. As Spain’s highest altitude region for the production of Garnacha, the temperature swings are radical – up to 60°F in the summer. This produces wines with deep color and character, as well as lively acidity. The wine is characterized by aromas of ripe black fruit compote, overlaid with spices such as black pepper. There is an obvious minerality to the wine, proceeding from vineyards’ diverse range of soil types. The soils range from iron rich red slate and clay to black slate. Website
Cost: $14.99
Louis M Martini Sonoma Cabernet Sauvignon 2014 | California
Wild berries, plum, licorice and mocha. The full-bodied and mouth-coating feel on the palate leads to a long, graceful finish with tones of intense fruit, dried herbs and cedar inside firm structure.
Cost: $16.99
Two Hands Sexy Beast Cabernet Sauvignon 2015 | McLaren Vale, South Australia
This is from Two Hands’ Picture Series which tries to play on popular culture for the names. Since the first release of the 2009 vintage, this has become a firm fan favourite. Where else in the world can you get Cabernet Sauvignon of this quality and value? A succulent wine with aromas of lavender, cranberries and minty floral Asian spice. This is text book Cabernet and highlights how well McLaren Vale is suited to growing it.–From their Website
Cost: $28.99


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