R oger sampled both beer and wine this weekend. The beers are from Burnt Hickory, Kennesaw GA. Of course there will be those great nibbles.
Where: Vineyard Wine Market (map), 4414 Evans to Lock Road, Evans, GA. (706) 922-9463

When: Friday, March 24, 2017, 5-7PM. Saturday, March 25, 2017, 5 to 7 pm.
Cost: $10 For The Whole Flight; $8 Wine Only; $4 Beer Only.
Here are the wines presented (click to see more):

  1. Emmolo Sauvignon Blanc
  2. Liberty School Central Coast Pinot Noir
  3. 14 Hands Merlot
  4. Thomas Henry Zinfandel
  5. Palacio de Canedo with Mencia Grapes
  6. Plungerhead Cabernet Sauvignon

The Beer Line Up:

  1. Burnt Hickory Brewery Mudhoney Malt with Honey
  2. Burnt Hickory Brewery Ezekiel’s Wheel Pale Ale
  3. Burnt Hickory Brewery Didjits IPA with Orange Peel
  4. Burnt Hickory Brewery Cannon Dragger IPA

Here are the detailed wine notes:
Emmolo Sauvignon Blanc | Napa, California
Inspired by the idea that less is more, this wine is more minerality-driven than fruit-driven. Not grassy or overly ripe, it offers up delicate fruit flavors with a crisp, bright minerality that calls to mind a first summer rain. Our grapes come from two family vineyards, and we harvest the fruit at just the right moment to achieve a balance of firm acidity and low alcohol.
Liberty School Central Coast Pinot Noir | Paso Robles, California
Exhibits a bright floral nose with aromas of fresh cut strawberries. Fruit-forward flavors of cherry and strawberry strike a wonderful chord with the clean minerality and balanced notes of spice and crushed herb. With soft integrated tannins, this medium-bodied wine finishes with a beautiful, long and silky finish.
14 Hands Merlot | Columbia Valley, WA
This round, structured Merlot is packed with rich flavors and aromas of blackberry, plum, cherry and mocha. Balanced in style, the wine is soft, approachable and food friendly.
Thomas Henry Zinfandel | California
Brimming with ripe wild berries, as if freshly picked from a summer garden, this zinfandel is filled with sumptuous boysenberry jam coupled with firm tannins and a touch of baking spice.
Palacio de Canedo with Mencia Grapes | Spain
Balanced and varietal. Purplish red color, aroma of good intensity, very fruity and floral sensations. Taste fresh, intense fruity with good balance between acidity and alcohol
Plungerhead Cabernet Sauvignon | Alexander Valley CA

The color of this wine is deep purple with aromas of black cherry, blackstrap molasses, sandalwood, a hint of mint, and smoky French oak. In the mouth, you feel flavors of blackberry pie, fresh currants, pomegranate reduction, dried cherries, fresh dill, toasted pumpernickel bread; it finishes with a hint of brown sugar and Tahitian Vanilla bean.
Burnt Hickory Brewery Mudhoney Malt with Honey | Kennesaw ,GA
Burnt Hickory Brewery Ezekiel’s Wheel Pale Ale | Kennesaw ,GA
Ezekiel’s Wheel. 6.3% ABV Pale Ale. Hoppy and Tightly malted. Aromatic and Prompt. Produced Year Round. 12oz 6 packs. Cans on the horizon.“The path of the righteous Ale is beset on all sides by the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil beer.” Or something like that.We call it “ZEKE”, but our flagship Pale Ale, doesn’t like to be called anything but great. From UFO’s to being Killed By Death, Our sickle riding,kitty petting, parchment cure is always ready.
Burnt Hickory Brewery Didjits IPA with Orange Peel |
Blood Orange IPA. Brewed for the band the Didjits. A Max Wedge meant for the Killboy Powerhead in all of us
Burnt Hickory Brewery Cannon Dragger IPA |
The soldiers that dragged the 100 cannons up the side of Little Kennessaw Mountain knew something about fortitude. This ale would not let them down. A piney/citrusy/ danky IPA, Cannon Dragger is aggressively dosed with “C” hops all threw itʼs journey from the grain to the glass. Itʼs pays off, Itʼs a feat of amazing beer strength!


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