Burnt Hickory Die Kreuzen Imperial Pumpkin Porter
Die Kreuzen Imperial Pumpkin Porter |Kennesaw, Georgia
W ell crap. Alabama won. I started drinking this offering from Burnt Hickory during halftime with some buffalo and lemon pepper wings. Nice brew. Got a dark edge like a black ale. Got some nice malts up front then dark roasted chocolate/coffee flavors just before the finish then some smokeyness.
That was when I had it good and cold. This brew is more mellow when it warms up. That roasted flavor is subdued and pushed more toward finish and toffee/chocolate flavors pop up a bit earlier.
I wish there was a writeup on their website on this brew. With a growler you don’t have a label to read.
If you wait a while you are left with a pumpkin and pumpkin pie spices. I forgot this was a pumpkin ale with the first few sips. After it warms up even more the taste becomes sweeter and more spice like and the coffee flavors are almost gone, still there but not as prominent. More like a pumpkin muffin now. Nice very dark brown color. Didn’t have much of a head.
So, I would make this a session brew to enjoy all of the variations this brew has to offer. On this night I think I enjoyed Dogfish Head’s Punkin Ale a bit better because it wasn’t as heavy. This seasonal I guess I’ll have again next year and hopefully to celebrate kicking Alabama’s ass.
I’m still mad at our defensive coordinator not controlling his mouth and costing us an extra 15 yards on top of an unnecessary penalty we got nailed on.
As for this year and the Crimson Tide, you won. Wait til next year.
Brewery: Burnt Hickory
Cost: $$8.49 for 32 oz growler


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