W e live in an amazing age when you can find a gadget for just about anything you need. The wine business must be leading the way because I see new wine products all the time.
One of the latest of these must-have gadgets is a wine container called VinoGo. You can find it on Amazon and in some local shops for about $12.
It is basically a sturdy plastic bag for your bottle of wine. That may not sound like much, but under certain circumstances it is an essential tool. This is the perfect device when you want to take a bottle of wine on a boat ride, on a picnic, to a tailgate party, or when lounging by the pool.
VinoGo also is handy when you want to drink some wine, but you’re not sure the people around you would approve.
Besides avoiding the risk of breaking the wine bottle, VinoGo makes it much easier to carry a bottle of wine. It is much lighter than a glass bottle, it doesn’t require a corkscrew to open, and you can pack several in a cooler. The wine is sealed with a sturdy twist off cap. You can re-use it many times.
That’s me with my VinoGo wine carrier and my two trophies in front of my grill.
I tried this out when I was cooking on my grill all day during Clint Bryant’s Fade’s Barbershop Cook-Off. I was busy cooking and working the grill, so I was worried about dropping a bottle and making a mess.
The easy solution to was to fill up my VinoGo with a bottle of Turley zinfandel. This is my go-to wine when I’m grilling for several reasons:
–Zinfandel goes with just about anything I put on the grill.
–I know winery owner Larry Turley (who grew up in Augusta) is a wizard around the grill, so this inspires me.
–Turley makes several dozen single vineyard zins, plus a couple of blends, so I always have something new to try.
–I have done well in cook-offs when I’m drinking a Turley zin, so I don’t want to take a chance with something else.
It all worked, as I placed first in ribs and second in chicken, the only two judging categories. And the people with whom I shared my wine from the VinoGo bag were impressed with what a great gadget it is.
I will be using one often, whenever I need wine while I’m on the go.

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