The Friday Afternoon crowd
The Friday Afternoon crowd

T he Vineyard was busy this weekend. Roger had his Friday and Saturday tasting this weekend but he’s also supplying the craft beer at the Yuchikiokee Music, Art & Craft Beer Festival at the Evans Town Center Park. His staff put on a nice tasting one of the best overall tastings I’ve had recently. I liked every wine on the list.
I was surprised to find that the Principe de Viana Chardonnay was barrel fermenting. I didn’t notice the “fermentado en barrica” on the label. (I didn’t take spanish in high school). I started thinking back about when I ever noticed wine being fermented in the barrel. Aged in barrels yes, fermented and aged. No.
This produces a nice flavor I seldom find in Chardonnays. Nice mouthfeel, fruit forward and yet nice citrus fruit flavors.
I’ve had the Oops Carmenere before but hadn’t tried the Carmenere-Merlot. I found I like the blend much to my liking. Mixing the “lost grape” with the grape it had been masquerading as all those years in Chile is very nice.
Then I tried the Vintage Ink Red. Very nice, smooth and full bodied. Yummy. As well as the Chloe Red No. 249. I could add these to my regular daily list. (although they are over my cheap wine bastard budget…I’ll have to come up with some special occasions to break my rule. But the Oops wines are just the right price for me).
On Friday I was lucky to try the Eberle Cabernet Savignon estate bottled from Paso Robles. They ran out later and had to switch to Il Bruciato Cabernet, Merlot and Syrah. This was a very nice cab. I also have to add that I hit the nibbles more than once. Hey, it’s Friday. Time to unwind. Once again a very nice way to end the week especially considering it was my second tasting of the evening.
The selection
The selection

Where: Vineyard Wine Market (map), 4414 Evans to Lock Road, Evans, GA. (706) 922-9463

When: Friday, March. 20, 2015, 4:30-6:30PM. Saturday, March. 21, 2015, 3 to 6 pm.
Cost: $8
Here are the wines to be presented (click to see more):

  1. Principe de Viana Chardonnay 2012
  2. Oops “Spicy Spendor” Carménère 2013
  3. Oops Carménère-Merlot 2012
  4. Vintage Ink Boundless 2012
  5. Chloe Red No. 249 2012
  6. Eberle Estate Bottled Cabernet Sauvignon 2007
  7. Il Bruciato Cabernet, Merlot & Syrah 2012

The cheeses were very popular
The cheeses were very popular

Here are the detailed wine notes:
Principe de Viana Chardonnay 2012 | Spain
This 100% chardonnay is barrel fermentation in 100% new oak: 50% French, 50% American. Kept on lees for three months with regular battonages until decantation from the barrels. The color is bright lemon yellow with green hues. The nose is a marked and intense tropical fruit character of pineapple and banana, which is accompanied well with citric notes of lemon and lime, finished with vanilla and recently baked bread from the oak barrels. The taste is sweet and fresh with a full mouthfeel, balanced acidity with a characterful, long finish. Pairing suggestion is shellfish, marinated, grilled and cooked fish, pastas, salads, vegetables, Rice dishes.–From their Website
Cost: $10.99
Oops “Spicy Spendor” Carménère 2013 | Valle Central,Chile
The wine is deep purple-red in color, typical of this variety. Blackberry aromas are underscored by notes of ground white pepper, spices, and leather. Rich and mouthfilling, black currant and plum flavors explode on the palate, with spice, herbs, and a long, soft finish. The tannins are surprisingly smooth and silky for a wine with such body and flavor. This rich and weighty wine has appealing herbal and earth character, which pairs well with rustic foods such as grilled meats, like lamb and rosemary, braises, fish stews, burgers, hearty pastas, and soup.
Cost: $9.99
Oops Carménère-Merlot 2012 | Valle Central,Chile
(oops) wines are designed with interesting combinations of complementary varietals, anchored by Carménère, the heritage grape of Chile known as the “Lost Grape of Bordeaux.” An intriguing mix of two red favorite varietals, this blend has a beautiful violet red color. Intensely aromatic with a nose of blackberry and plum fruit with a touch of menthol and dry leaf. The Carménère contributes more mature aromas and sweetness while the Merlot delivers a delicate, soft touch. Medium-bodied on the palate, with loads of red and black fruit, a velvety texture and a juicy, long ending. This vintage has been blended for even more richness and texture. Fruit to the forefront and a light touch of oak makes for great food compatibility. Try with grilled, roasted, or braised meat dishes, especially lamb, medium bodied fish such as salmon or tuna steaks, stews, burgers, pastas, and soups. –From their Website
Cost: $9.99
Grapes: 70% Carménère, 30% Merlot
Vintage Ink Boundless 2012 | California
The mark on our front label symbolizes our commitment to making great wines in an unabashed lavish style. Boundless Red Wine explodes with aromas of cherry and vanilla and a hint of smoke, yet finishes like silk. Don’t hide Vintage Ink under a long-sleeved shirt. Flaunt it.–From their label
Cost: $11.99
Chloe Red No. 249 2012 | North Coast, California
Chloe 2012 Red No. 249 blossoms from classic grape varietals cultivated in prized vineyards on California’s North Coast to create an elegant, rich and complex red blend. An enticing nose precedes deep layers of expressive, dark fruit flavors blended with notes of rich espresso and spice on the palate. A full, luxurious mouth feel gives way to an alluring and lingering finish. Named after the 249 wine lots that winemaker Georgetta Dane tasted to achieve a sophisticated intensity of flavor, this wine shows soft, integrated tannins and structure imparted from new and used French and American oak.–From their Website
Cost: $14.99
Eberle Estate Bottled Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 | Paso Robles California
This is no longer available. I couldn’t find any tasting notes so you’ll have to take my word. This was a very nice vintage.
Il Bruciato Cabernet, Merlot & Syrah 2012 | Italy
The nose shows intense aromas of red berry fruit of excellent expressiveness and focus which are followed by lovely notes of sweet spices. On the palate, the wine is balanced and harmonious and of exceptional overall drinking pleasure. 65% Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% Merlot, 15% Syrah–From their Website
Cost: $39.99
Ed and Laurel stopped by
Ed and Laurel stopped by


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