Turbo Cougar went great with the shrimp and corn
Turbo Cougar went great with the shrimp and corn
Turbo Cougar Blonde Bock Lager | Lexington, Virginia
I think this is the best brew I’ve had in a long time. I am so disappointed I only had one bottle.
This is brewed in Lexington, Virginia, by Devils Backbone Brewing. I hope that Devils Backbone refers to the ridge up in Highland County that looks like a rocky spine weaving along the South Fork of the Potomac River (the river is only about 3 feet wide and starts on a small farm just a few miles away). This beautiful area is also know as Little Switzerland. I loved traveling through Highland County and staying in Monterey when I worked as a photographer for the Roanoke Times. I digress.
My Fourth of July weekend yard work labors continued. Today we decided to have a little cookout and scarf down some shrimp. I started up the grill and…… cold. I had just enough gas for about 10 seconds. I broke out the little Coleman grill and starting cooking.
Dennis and Teri were vacationing in Virginia and brought me back a collection of brews. There were a couple of brews from Devil’s Backbone and some from a brewery from South of Charlottesville. I remember sitting in The Palms restaurant in Lexington enjoying good beer and food before heading over to the Lime Kiln Theater and listen to Robin and Linda Williams. Good memories. I digress.
Tourbo Cougar is very malty and sweet. Sweet in a malty sense, not sweet as sugary. Super smooth. I was worried when it had practically no head. Nice dark amber. I attempted to identify the flavors. Vanilla. No. Caramel. No. Tastes like raw honey. Not the sweet honey flavors you taste in other brews but the flavors you taste from raw clover honey.
All I know is that this was an extremely smooth brew, no aftertaste, no shift in flavors. Went great with the shrimp.
Cool label features a blonde driving a souped up blue 70’s style Cougar racing around mountain roads smoking up the tires.070514TourboCougarBottle
Here’s what they say on their site. “A strong gold lager for the unsuspecting prey, gold in color, medium body, a subtle malt character and a smooth finish. you can really sink your teeth into! 6.8 ABV, 38 IBUs.”–From their Website
Wow. I looked up the location of their brewery and they have a brewpub south of Waynesboro where my mother used to live.
We also enjoyed using some Camouflage Hot Sauce with the shrimp. That requires a review unto it’s own. Stay tuned.


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