entwine Cabernet Sauvignon
entwine Cab

entwine Cabernet Sauvignon 2011 | California

M rs. Dan was excited that she found another wine on sale at Publix. I kinda cringed when I saw it. I looked back in my notes and Mrs. Dan-in-law had bought the entwine Merlot on sale at Publix when they were visiting. That was 2 years ago and I still remember how boring that one was.

This one is no improvement. It is one of the most boring wines I’ve ever had. How can the Food Network associate their name with it. Even Mrs. Dan apologized after tasting it.

I guess you could cook with it. Maybe add it to the vinegar pot. Matter of fact I just got my new red wine vinegar mother in and need something to start it with.

That can wait. Seriously. This wine has a decent nose. But the taste is just boring. It’s like there is a mineral flavor that totally negates the taste of any fruit. Food wine? I made some some cheesy noodle stuff with some grilled chicken for dinner. Didn’t help. I tried it with mild cheese, strong cheese some hard salami. Nothing went well with it. I even warmed up a bit of leftover steak. Nada.

I found their website and they said this wine “Rich, fruity, and herbaceous – like eating raspberry jam off of a sprig of thyme.” I can see that, but maybe without the raspberry jam, just the sprig of thyme.

It says that entwine (the first letter is lower case on purpose) is a joint effort the Food Network and Wente. I can’t find in my notes where I’ve ever tried a wine from this vineyard. But the name is familiar as well as the distinctive W on their bottle. Next time I’m at the Vineyard or Wine World I’ll see if they have some other wines to choose from.

Mrs. Dan said maybe it will improve after it opens up. I waited an hour. Nope. I saved some for the next day. Nope.

With any luck it will be another 2 years before another entwine graces our door.
Their Website: entwine


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