Third Thursday Tasting at Wine World in North Augusta, SC

I thought I was in a hurry tonight. But that was quickly forgotten after I had the first wine at Wine World‘s Third Thursday tasting.

It started with the Fontana Candida Frascati. There’s a lot going on with this wine. You get a rush of melon sweetness but the a slight rush of grapefruit/citrus flavors. Bold start with a crisp finish. I think I could sit out back and sip on this one.

Some time later I was through to the last wine, the Concannon Crimson and Clover Conservancy. This wine was featured at the Taster’s Guild meeting last Friday night. I couldn’t make it and Sally Benjamin was kind enough to send me the wine list. The description of this wine caught my attention. I was happy to see it on the list tonight. As I was standing in line to buy a bottle I asked a fellow taster, Jim, what he liked best tonight and he said “1 and 6.” So I guess my choices for the evening was confirmed.

Earlier I had bumped into Jeremy just after he had tried the Concannon but before I had an opportunity. “Surprised me. Boom. There was all this fruit.” That summed up this wine. It’s like the best traits of Petite Sirah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Zinfandel came through. It has 50% Petite Sirah on one end and 10% Zin on the other and I would have to say I could detect both and the others. My palate can seldom do that.

I also have to mention the Rosemount Traminer/Riesling. I had assumed it was a German wine but was surprised to see it being from Australia. This would be good with some nice Chinese food. I might follow the Benjamin’s recommendation and try it at Thanksgiving with the turkey. Hmmm. I guess I was in a hurry after all. I didn’t make it to the cheese table. At least I left with a bottle of the Concannon to share at home.

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Where: Wine World, 133 Georgia Ave., North Augusta, SC

When: Thursday, September 20, 2012, 5 to 8pm
Cost: $5 per person with rebate on purchase of a featured wine.

Here are the wines presented (click to see more):

  1. Fontana Candida Frascati 2010
  2. La Vieille Ferme Luberon Blanc 2010
  3. Rosemount Traminer/ Riesling 2011
  4. La Vieille Ferme Ventoux Rouge 2010
  5. Vestini Campagnano Kajanero 2010
  6. Concannon Crimson & Clover Conservancy 2009

Here are the detailed wine notes:
Fontana Candida Frascati 2010
Fresh lively fruit aromas, white peach with light notes of lemon peel, melon, mineral, and basil. The flavors are smooth and rich with fresh tones of lemon and almond. Bright acidity in the finish.  Associated for centuries with “the Eternal City,” Frascati comes from the hills very near Rome
and is made from traditional native grape varieties, including Malvasia and Trebbiano.
From: Italy
Winery: Fontana Candida
Year: 2010
Goes with: Frascati is a fine match for seafood, salads, chicken, mild cheeses. Fontina (Fontal). Roast pork with Mediterranean herbs.

La Vieille Ferme Luberon Blanc 2010
A very good, full-bodied white Rhône. Slightly lemony aromas with hints of green apple and mint, honeydew melon and citrus flavors. Lingering finish with a refreshing zing.  (Blend of Grenache Blanc. Bourboulenc, Ugni Blanc and Vermentino.) From the Perrin family, highly respected Rhone producers. A great value!
From: Rhone, France
Winery: La Vieille Ferme
Year: 2010
Goes with: Pairs well with fish and chicken dishes.

Rosemount Traminer/ Riesling 2011
Traminer (65%) / Riesling (35%). A delicious blend showing Gewurztraminer’s spicy tropical fruit aromas and flavors emphasizing
lychees, apricot, and spice. The Riesling component adds elegance, a lively floral character, and a fine acidity which provides a nice balance. Very lightly sweet. Great for Thanksgiving turkey and all the “fixins,”  Very pleasing aperitif.
From: Southeastern Australia
Winery: Rosemount
Year: 2011
Goes with: Pairs well with chicken, seafood, BBQ, spicy sausages, medium hot Asian dishes.

La Vieille Ferme Ventoux Rouge 2010
A fruity red blend of Grenache, Syrah, Carignan, and Cinsault grown on the slopes of Mount Ventoux. It shows aromas and flavors of black cherry and blackcurrant with hints of Provencal herbs and spices. Well-balanced. An old Wine World favorite, back again at a very good-value price. (From the highly regarded Perrin family.) And wonderful for simply sipping.
From: Rhone, France
Winery: La Vieille Ferme
Year: 2010
Goes with: Good match for grilled meats and vegetables and with stews and braises. Gruyere cheese.

Vestini Campagnano Kajanero 2010
Terre del Volturno IGT. Here’s an interesting and delicious wine from grapes you probably have not experienced. Vestini Campagnano, situated in the hills of Caiazzo, in southern Italy, produces wine only from indigenous Italian grapes. Composed of Pallagrello Nero and Casavecchia, this rich, expressive red displays bold notes of cherry, black currant, juniper and spice on both the nose and palate. Spice and floral hints linger on the gentle finish. Well-balanced with full tannins and lively acidity.
From: Campania, Italy
Winery: Vestini Campagnano
Year: 2010
Goes with: Kajanero will pair well with beef, game, hearty pasta dishes and rich cheeses. Stuffed mushrooms with sausage & Parmesan.

Concannon Crimson & Clover Conservancy 2009
A full-bodied red blend of 50% Petite Sirah, 25% Cabernet Sauvignon, 15% Syrah and 10% Zinfandel. Aromas of currant, clove, and vanilla lead into bright, fruit flavors of blackberry on the palate.  Velvety texture and fruit-filled smooth finish. (Concannon has been a Petite Sirah pioneer and continues to be a Petite Sirah over-achiever.)
From: Livermore, California
Winery: Concannon
Year: 2009
Goes with: Great match for steaks & burgers. Grilled zucchini and artichokes with tarragon aioli. Black pepper-crusted filet mignon with goat cheese or blue cheese.  Aged Gouda.


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