Gordon Biersch Märzen Auburn Lager

It’s the SEC opener for Auburn and I thought it was a good time to continue my quest of clearing the little fridge. Back in June I started digging around the laundry room and realized I had 55 different brews, some from football seasons past (how many seasons is up for debate).

I bought a six of Gordon Biersch Märzen Auburn Lager last Fall in Auburn after a game. The “Auburn” on the label was the reason I picked it up. I also love Oktoberfest brews which I understood Märzen beers to be. I visited the Gordon Biersch website and they had a pretty good history of Märzen brews and how it relates to theirs. What I don’t know from their site is whether this is a seasonal or year-round brew.

“Märzen (Mayrt-zen) was historically brewed in Bavaria from March through the end of October. It was brewed dark and strong, using dark roasted Munich and caramelized Munich malt to help cover up flavor changes from the lack of refrigeration (ice in those days) used to keep the beers cold in the cellars during the warm summer months. It was also the beer served at the Original Oktoberfest celebration, which originated as a wedding reception for the King Ludwig I and Maria Theresa. Bavaria was a very poor country and had little cause for celebration, so the King and Queen invited the entire population of Bavaria to the reception. They showed up that year and every year thereafter, and the event evolved into the modern day Oktoberfest. Gordon Biersch Märzen accentuates the flavors of the dark roasted imported malted barley and exhibits a caramel malt aftertaste, while downplaying the hop level.”

They also have a motto on their site of “Never Trust A Skinny Brewer.” Looking at their photos I assume Dan Gordon is the not-so-skinny brewer. Nice story about how Dan Gordon and Dave Biersch got together. I won’t bore you with the details since you can visit their nice website because I want to talk about their brew.

This brew has been in 1. on the shelf. 2. in the mini-fridge. 3. back on a shelf. 4. in the little wine cooler stored on its side.

A great beer

I had consumed the other 5 during the year, one I had thought I had written a review and took photos. Can’t find them. I was worried about the stint in the wine cooler. That wine color fridge was a freebie Mrs. Dan got for years of service at work. When the power goes off it does not come back on when power is restored. So this brew would be refrigerated for a few weeks then room temperature for a few weeks. Plus you don’t store brew on its side. It’s not wine. There’s no cork to keep wet and constant contact with the cap can screw things up. And I guess it can drip a bit. I was worried because their was a small puddle of gooey brown stuff under the bottle neck. I moved it out to the mini-fridge.

But this brew tasted as good as I remember from last Fall (and last Spring). The brew date on the bottle is 9/13/11. If I had waited a few days I could have celebrated its birthday.

So, I guess these guys do pay attention to the details.

This brew is all about the malt. There’s a bit of hops on the finish to balance things out but its the malt you remember. I really like this brew. I think I bought a growler of their WinterBock on a trip to Five Points Bottle Shop in Athens back in March. I rechecked their site and they have a FestBrier they say is their Oktoberfest seasonal brew so I assume their Märzen is year round.

Nice roasted malt flavor. They mention a caramel taste and that’s for sure. Nice mouthfeel, Beautiful copper color. I think this is one of the nicest looking beers I’ve every seen. It begs to be tasted.

This brew is much better than the football game I’m watching. Mississippi State is up 28-10 and Auburn can’t seem to get things in gear. Gonna be a long season. I wish I had a sampler pack of their brews to help me through it.
From: San Jose, California
Brewery: Gordon Biersch


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