Wine isn't the only thing that CalNaturale makes
Wine isn’t the only thing that CalNaturale makes

CalNaturale Cabernet Sauvignon 2009

Mrs. Dan has been traveling and brought me a little surprise. She brought me the best tasting organic wine I’ve ever had. And it is cheap. Now that sounds like high praise but to be honest I’ve never had an organic wine that I thought was worth buying. This is the best organic wine but I doubt I would drink this on a regular basis. But at around $4.99 for a small “Tetra-Pak” (500ml) I think it would be a nice little portable wine. She said the 1-liter cartoon was about $10.

Mrs. Dan bought this at a Publix in Jacksonville. I’ve never seen this up here in the Augusta area.

Most organic wines I’ve tried are either super-tart or mineral-laden. This has a nice little rush of fruit before turning very dry… alum dry, leaving your mouth kinda of squeaky dry. I can detect some oak. Other than that it tastes like a cab.

This is not a food wine. I tried to pair this up with some parmigiano reggiano cheese* but it didn’t help. I tried it with some chicken cordon bleu and the taste of the wine went south. So I don’t think this is a great picnic wine because it might not taste so great with the food. But if you are watching a sunset and don’t want to worry about a glass bottle then this would be a nice little wine.

These cartons always look a bit squished.
These cartons always look a bit squished.

Here’s what their website says: “CalNaturale REPRESENTS THE VERY LATEST in high quality winemaking and innovative marketing: the grapes used to produce our wine were grown in the famed Paso Robles Appellation and are certified as having been farmed organically; that is, without the use of any pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. Carrying this sustainable theme even further, we have packaged CalNaturale in Tetra-Pak flexible packaging – convenient and very eco-friendly, utilizing less than half the greenhouse gasses, waste and energy in producing and transporting our product.”–From their Website

* Mrs. Dan also bought a pack of Italian parmigiano reggiano cheese bites. These are 80 calorie vacuum-packed and “flavor-packed” little snacks. These would enhance any sunset wine sipping provided you drink a different wine.
From: Paso Robles, California
Winery: CalNaturale
Year: 2009


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  1. Right before BlogHer, I was introduced to CalNaturale wine , which is made from certified organic grapes grown right here in California. I had not tried an organic wine previously (even though I’m an avid wine drinker – it’s pretty much the only alcoholic beverage I drink anymore).

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