Bell’s Octoberfest
I ‘m sitting here enjoying the BCS Championship game. Not as much as I enjoyed last year’s game when Auburn beat Oregon but I kinda enjoy seeing LSU and Bama beat each other up.

I’ve been rooting for LSU all week because in my heart I can never cheer for the Tide. Watching Nick Saban steam is kinda fun. But then again watching LSU play like Auburn did against Alabama is kind of enjoyable. (At least our defense scored 2 touchdowns). Both of these teams kicked our ass this year and I’m glad to see both are struggling to some degree. Bama I have to admit is struggling less than LSU. Why Les Miles is sticking with Jefferson as quarterback is beyond me.

I’d enjoy watching either one get their asses kicked.

Now I know that at any minute LSU could decide they are the number 1 team and score 2 touchdowns and go for 2 to tie. Possible. This is SEC football. The only difference between this game and any other SEC team is the people sitting in the Super Dome are enjoying a beer.

Photo of Octoberfest from the Bell's website
Photo of Octoberfest from the Bell's website

I too am enjoying a beer. Fall might have ended back on Dec. 22 but really it ends today with the National Championship. So I was in a Fall mood and decided to continue my New Year’s Resolution…. to drink all the beer (and most of my wine collection) I have before buying another bottle. So far it’s the 9th and I have not spent a dime on wine or beer.

I’ve got 2 different Bell’s seasonals I want to review (Best Brown Ale and Christmas Ale) but I figure I better finish the Fall seasonal before it reaches the 6 month shelf life. (I’ve got some Summer stuff I need to finish too).

So tonight I’m time warping back to Fall and enjoying Bell’s Octoberfest. I like this brew. I think I got this building my own six because I don’t remember drinking this one before… and there’s none left in the little fridge.

Good beer. Modest malty start that jumps to hoppy then ends with a bit of bitterness. Caramel or vanilla flavors at the start. Subtle and not in your face. I would say I detect a bit of pumpkin like spices in the middle. A hint. It’s not loaded with lots of baking spices like some Fall brews. Makes me think. How can you tell the difference between a Fall and a Winter beer. Look at the brewer. One brewer’s Fall Seasonal is another brewer’s Winter Ale. Now I can’t tell you off the top of my head two brewers who prove my theory. But then I think you could blind taste a couple of Fall and Winter brews and people wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

During halftime I popped up some popcorn to enjoy with this beer. I used sea salt with this gourmet black kernel popcorn. The saltiness nicely complimented this beer.

Back to the game. Jefferson just fumbled on fourth down and Bama got the ball back. At least LSU got past the 50. …… Now Bama scores a touchdown. Actually I was rooting for Bama to only win by field goals. Hah… they missed the extra point.

Here’s what Bell’s website says about this brew: “Crafted as a flavorful session beer, Bell’s Octoberfest Beer is perfect for a week-long wedding celebration in Germany or the start of the Michigan autumn. As with Bell’s Lager Beer, Octoberfest spends a full six weeks maturing in the fermentation vessels. Unlike its cousin, Octoberfest trades in the assertive hop presence for a focus on a light caramel malt note, lending body without too much sweetness. In order to best preserve the flavor & shelf life of the beer, it is recommended Bell’s Octoberfest Beer be kept refrigerated.”

I wouldn’t call this a session beer. To me a session beer is one that usually has over the top flavor that keeps you from gulping it. Some say a session beer is one you have to nurse to enjoy the subtle flavors. Under that definition it’s a session beer. Me, I could gulp this one if I knew I had more than one in the fridge.

Bama wins. Whoopie. Nick Saban looks a bit wet.

Here’s an interesting fact. With Bama winning no SEC team had an undefeated season. Just saw a bunch of photo buddies running around the field snapping pix of the players. Covering bowl games can be fun. Brings back memories. But that is another story for another day.

I wrap this up by saying again that I like this brew and look forward to next Fall. Now I have to work on my other New Year’s Resolution. For every beer I drink I need to ride 20 minutes on the exercise bike.
From: Kalamazoo, Michigan
Brewery: Bell’s Brewery


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