Lucky Star Pinot Noir 2008

Lucky Star Pinot
Lucky Star Pinot

I found this in the wine rack last night. I know it cost under $10 but got no clue how much I actually paid. (I later found a receipt and it was $9.99) I also have no clue as to where I bought it. That’s a bummer because I like it. Plus it tasted just as good tonight as it did last night. Most of the cheap stuff I drink heads to this side of flat or the other side of vinegar in a short amount of time. I asked Mrs. Dan what she thought and he said she liked the name and that it gives her some good luck. Then she tried and said she liked it. Maintaining domestic tranquility is a good thing. This is a good Pinot. At first I told Mrs. Dan I would be hard pressed to tell the difference between this is and a good Cab. She disagreed and said it has “that sharp edge most Pinots have.” I believe it does have edge to it in closer analysis. Just enough dryness to make Mrs. Dan happy. Full bodied enough to make me happy. A pleasant aroma that pleases my nose. (Label says ripe raspberry- that’ll do for me as a description. I can like the pleasing red cherry tastes.

The finish is nice and smooth. This is a good wine to just sit down and enjoy a quiet moment. Went well with the $5 Little Caesar’s Pizza we had. A bottle of wine less than $10. A $5 pizza. This is cheap bastard heaven.

Damn. I just Googled Lucky Star Pinot and found a column by Dennis Sodomka at Hmmm. Dennis, when he was my boss at the Augusta Chronicle used to tell us we should really should RTFP before opening our mouths in a budget meeting (I’ll let you figure out what that means). Guess I should follow his advice and read my own web site. Hmmm. Now I realize I actually did a Tweet on Dennis’ column back in October. Short term memory is the first to go.

I have to agree with his column. It is a good wine.

So I want to buy more, but I can’t if I can’t remember where I bought it. I guess I’ll have to email Dennis and ask him. Hopefully his short term memory is better than mine.

From: California
Winery: Lucky Star
Year: 2008

Score: 3 Corks
Dan’s Rating System:

1 Cork: Pour it out and hope like heck you remember the name so you won’t accidentally buy it again.
2 Corks: When it’s the cheapest wine and all you got is a couple of bucks settle for it and buy it
3 Corks: Suggest that Santa stuff it in your stocking.


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