Cline Zinfandel with my pork loin masterpiece
Cline Zinfandel with my pork loin masterpiece

Cline Zinfandel 2014|California
I was in the mood for a good value wine. It was over my $10 limit but I thought the extra $1.59 was worth it. I found the Cline Zinfandel on sale at Publix while putzing around looking for something to cook for dinner. I also found some pork loins on sale but can’t remember how much I saved there.
The pork loin survived my cooking skills. It went nicely with this Zinfandel. Intense fruit up front. Nice tannins. Nice spicy tones to it. I would swear it has some oak in it but I don’t think it would at $11.59. I checked the website and it doesn’t mention it spending any time in oak. But I did save some money. It costs $14 if shipped from the vineyard.
A bit spicy especially after having something a bit salty. I frequently hear the phrase “that Pinot drinks like a cab.” I’ll put my spin on it. This zin drinks like a zin. I actually know someone who doesn’t like zins. I feel for him.
This tastes like what I expect a zin to taste like. I will always gravitate toward a Zin or an old vine Zin.
So I checked out their website to see what they said and here’s there piece:
Delight your palate with the smooth complexity of supple tannins that mingle with flavors of dark berry, black cherry, strawberry, spice notes, and a lasting vanilla finish. Selecting fruit for the Lodi Zinfandel program is a daunting task; the primary focus is harmony, with an emphasis on early drinkability and an elegant structure. The 2014 vintage of the Lodi Zinfandel continues to draw from 11 superb Zinfandel vineyards. The grapes come to us from the famous Zinfandel growing area of Lodi where warm days and cool nights have ripened Zinfandel to perfection for over 100 years.”
Sounds good. I was looking back at my notes to see if I picked up any of the vanila or strawberry. Nah. Dar berry and black cherry? Sure. To be honest I kinda got lost in the thoughts of the day with this wine and enjoyed it and our meal. I wasn’t all that pressed to take a bunch of notes.
Nice wine for $11.59. It would be even for $12.99. But for me that would be pushing it.
Winery: Cline Cellars


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