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Elyse C’est si Bon 2006

I t’s been more than a few years since I was sitting in Mr. Johnson’s French class. He would be proud that I could translate “C’est si bon” when I bought this wine. “It is so good.”

I have to confess. I would not normally buy this wine. It costs $27. I seldom stray past $9.99. I got a reputation, what little there is, to protect. I got an email about a photo contest that Elyse Winery was holding. Take a picture of one of their products in some sort of scene and the top 10 they select would be appear on their Facebook page. The photo with the most Facebook Likes would win a 3 night stay at the winery. Food, nice company, a case of wine etc.

So with the deadline looming I sought a bottle of Elyse wine. I looked everywhere. I found one bottle at Vineyard Wine Market. I had hoped to buy a couple of bottles but that didn’t happen. I then hit Fresh Market and spent about $90 on cheeses, veggies and fruit to put in the photo. Toss in the fact you got to pay your own way to get to California and even pay to ship the wine back I think I must have a screw loose.

But it would be nice to treat Mrs. Dan to a wine getaway even if we have to spend Mr. Ben’s college fund to get there.

So I opened the center of the dining table and put my pano-head up the middle and started adding various scenes appropriate when you open a bottle of wine. When writing the great American novel you need an old Corona. So in came my old typewriter (it graced the cover of a special section once in the Roanoke Times). You enjoy wine with art so I pulled out a small easel and drew a bottle of wine. I added the newly painted globe that Mrs. Dan has been working on since you enjoy wine when you travel. I added two of Mark’s Rhodes custom made cutting boards and covered them with cheese, veggies and some pasta. Then I added some candles, one in a wormy chestnut cantle lantern along with some good literature, a 100-year-old copy of Shakespeare’s works. Two funky metal orbs my mother bought us for Christmas a couple of years ago and one bottle of wine that got moved around the table as I took the picture.

Then I had to spend a few hours taking the photos, then processing them on the computer to see how they stitch together. It takes 10 shots to get around the table. I pretty much trashed the kitchen shooting this. I started around 7:30 pm and finished around midnight.

So I guess it all paid off because I’m one of the top 11 selected. Originally they had 10 but increase it to 11.

And my photo is now up on their Facebook page and now’s your chance to like my photo. Now they can’t show the full 360 degree rotation so you can see that here. I don’t think people can appreciate the photo since it’s so wide that not all of it shows up unless you click on it.

In the meantime I guess I should put this wine to use and do a review.

Tonight’s eggplant and steak dinner

This is a red blend. I was kind of surprised to see how clear this wine was. Most red blends I’ve had lately are dark and pretty opaque. This one is kind of a ruby color.

This wine is very fruity up front. A distinct cherry flavor. Mrs. Dan describes it as have a nice flourish at the end. We grilled some eggplant that we grew in our garden and some nice steaks Mrs. Dan prepped.

This is a food neutral wine. We had it with the cheeses I bought for the photo shoot (gouda, smoked gouda and some bacon-laced cheese I can’t remember the name of) and it didn’t seem to affect the flavor of the wine or the food. Same with the steak.

This wine has a light mouthfeel. I think this would be the perfect red wine on a hot summer day. You could chill it slightly.

We didn’t let it breath much before we started sipping (had to have something to sip while I grilled). I kept some for later and a slight spicy pepper note I had detected was more noticeable. The rush of fruit upfront had mellowed but the long fruit finish was still there.

I got no clue as to what grapes are in this wine. The bottle doesn’t say.

Needless to say the bottle didn’t last the night.

Since I have possibly bought the last bottle of Elyse Wine in Augusta I hope me and Mrs. Dan get to the winery so we can try the Cab and the Zins they list on their website. So do me a favor and like my photo.
Winery: Elyse Winery
Year: 2006

The full frame image used to make the pano

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