Herrnbrau Zwickl Kellerbier |Ingolstadt, Germany I was ready to enjoy a beer. It was a Monday. I was busy all day but didn’t seem to get anything done. It is my night to cook and I was trying to figure out what I could pull together. I had a bag of those small fancy potatoes Publix has on sale. Some are red, some black, some blue. They can be pretty tasty. I was worried they might start growing little roots so I cut them up, tossed them with grated parmesan, olive oil and some Greek seasoning. Tossed them in the oven and baked the hell out of them. Next was very thin chicken breast slices cooked in zesty Italian dressing with some Slap Your Momma seasoning (spices things up). A bag-o-salad and I’m there. Well if you’re gonna cook you might as well have a beer to fill in the…

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