Ladenburger Weizenbock Hell |Neuler, Germany Now we are getting somewhere. This is a Weizenbock. Getting a bit darker as compared to the clear Helles they seem to feature. Nice cloudy amber almost looking like fresh squeezed cider. Nice and malty. Slightly sweet (real sweet compared to the Helles and Pilsners). A bit bready on the third sip. I taste raisins. Not sweet raisins but the underlying flavor. I love the mouthfeel. This is a beer I can enjoy at Christmas. At 8% this is the highest ABV so far. I found it on their website. I would love to try their Old Swabian Dark. Here is what they say about this beer: “WEIZENBOCK HELL: A classic, top-fermented, golden yellow bock beer, which won several awards in Europe and the World. Three times in a row (2014/2015/2016) the European Beer Star Gold Award and at the World Beer Cup 2016 in…

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