St. Party day


I t’s that time of the year when everyone becomes Irish and drinks green beer. I haven’t had any green beer yet but that’s because 2 brews I’ve had are so dark you wouldn’t notice they were green. We arrived about the right time to get a decent place to sit. Mr. Ben had a bag ready to fill with candy and beads. I volunteered to get me and Mrs. Dan a cool malt beverage. The first I had was a draft from Stillwater Saloon. A scotch ale from a brewery I didn’t recognize. I took a picture of the tap handle and checked it out later. (I got her a Stella Artois). It was a Drafty Kilt from Monday Night Brewing. I had never heard of these guys but they are out of Atlanta. I will have to try their Fu Manbrew Belgian Style Wit. This is nice and…

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