South Africa


Reyneke Vinehugger Chardonnay 2014, South Africa Cost: $16-18 T his week’s wine is a delightful Chardonnay from South Africa at a great price, full of citrus aromas and flavors. It has a fresh acidity that makes it perfect with a meal. South African wines have been around for hundreds of years, but most American drinkers know little about them. We might have heard about their Chenin Blanc, which has not been a popular varietal in the United States. Or we might remember Pinotage, a red wine that gained some interest as a curiosity in this country, but then faded as poorly made wine hurt the market. The South African wine industry has been changing during the last 20 years with a rise in quality, a concern for sustainability and many new vine plantings. Their wines are poised to make a major splash on the world market, and the industry is…

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