Service Brewing


Schwarzbräu Marie Hausbrendel Hell |Zusmarshausen, Germany I sorta did my own calendar tonight. I attended the Savannah Riverkeepers Bells and Buoys fundraiser and had Service Brewing Rally Point and Savannah River’s No Jacket Required on tap. When I unloaded the beer from the Advent Calendar earlier in the day I noticed it was another Hell. The label has a young traditionally dressed German lass carrying mugs of beer. I was tempted to say “fräulein” but I read that that term has fallen out of favor and is considered offensive. I don’t want to offend anyone especially over beer. I really enjoyed Service Brewing’s Rally Point Pilsner. It reminded me of the Käuzle from the night before (a German Pilsner). This was on tap so it was pretty fresh. I enjoyed pairing it with the grits from the grits bar. I topped by grits with cheese and bacon after stirring in…

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