Pils Beer


I was excited to see the black pop out of the Advent Calendar can hoping it was a dark beer. Nope. Black can, clear beer. This is a Pils similar to the earlier Pils but this one distinctly more bitter. I remember this one being more crisp that the others but I could swear this one starts off a bit buttery like an over-oaked California Chard then it slams shut to being bitter. This one has a long drawn out bitter finish. So as you sip it has some buttery malt backbone then quickly goes bitter and continues that way to the finish. A horse of a different color. The can says it’s brewed by Egerer but Schlossbrau (or Graflich von Mengersen’sche Dampfbrauerei?) has a brewery, the Rheder Castle Brewery, that dates back to around 1750 but the brewery that eventually comes to the castle was started in 1686 (they…

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