The Fall pretty much sucked for actually celebrating Oktoberfest with COVID-19 and all. I bought several to sample just didn’t get around to it. When Mrs. Dan had a hankering for some sauerkraut I thought this was an opportunity to whittle down the beer out in the garage. Guess we are having a Februfest. The Wild Heaven Fest Beer was my favorite but it isn’t the Märzen-style brew I’ve typically experienced. I have no true Oktoberfest experiences to compare it to but I’ve had several who have tell me which brews are similar to their German experience. The Wild Heaven is darker and maltier. It satisfies my dark/slightly sweet palate. It does have a slight touch of bittering hoppy toward the end on the first sip but that seems to go way after your taste buds get zapped with the first few sips. I could drink this all year round.…

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