Egerer Wiener Lager |Großköllnbach, Germany Of course I thought I needed to be eating hot dogs or brats when I saw the label “Wiener Lager.” I counted to 10 and decided you can’t judge a beer by its label. Well you can but not one created in a foreign country and you aren’t familiar with the terms. The Egerer website doesn’t mention this beer. (They also produced the Alms Hell from Advent Day 3). The tasting app says “Wiener Lager is a beer style by Anton Dreher, the Austrian brewing legend. He combined cold fermentation with knowledge of English malting technology and thus created the Viennese warehouse as we know it today.” 5.1% ABV. So obviously they used a cut and paste translation like I have been doing because I was stumped by “Viennese warehouse.” Warehouse is German for Lager. Weiner is a demonym of Vienna according to Wikipedia. It…

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