Fürst Carl Kellerbier | Ellingen, Germany I remember this beer from the Man Bag XXL. It was cloudy with a unique flavor as compared to the others. Tonight I shared a small glass with Dave-in-Law. He liked it and added that it had a hint of lemon in the smell and the taste. It has a mellow amber color. Nice malt mouthfeel but not overly malty. There was a yeasty flavor that approaches a Belgian brew then changes gears and becomes a bit hoppy. Not bitter hoppy but goes from that malty mouthfeel to a bit drier. That yeasty kind of flavor must come from being unfiltered. Dave added that “it doesn’t have an aftertaste and has a smooth finish.” I agree with the no aftertaste but I’m waffling on the dry finish…. or was it smooth. No, I think it was dry. Besides I was enjoying it too much…

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