Imperial Pils


Turbo Prop Imperial Pils |Bad Laasphe, Germany Okay, two labels from the Man Bag kinda gave me the creeps. The Landgang Pils (with the hoppy sailor) and this one that looks like a kid wearing an old leather pilot’s helmet and goggles as he prepares to fly down a hill on an apple crate with rollerskates on the bottom. Both are in the Advent Calendar. I guess I’m getting too politically correct in my old age.  The thought of a young’un on a can of beer sets off my PC alarm. So, I’ve decided that it’s not a kid and it’s some whacky German pilot and there must be a rule that Pils in Germany should have whacky labels. Back to the beer. I enjoyed it because of the Imperial nature of this Pils. So what the heck does that mean? I turned to my handy Oxford Companion to Beer…

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