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[Editor’s Note: Here is a shortened version that is just the recipe. ] 13 Pound Turkey (69 Cents a Pound at Bilo) Paired with Willm Gewurztraminer, Brandborg Gewurztraminer, or Il Papavero Dry White (eventually)* Scared of burning the house down with a deep fried turkey? Have the scars on your hands gone away from the last attempt? Well here’s a new “cool” way of cooking this year’s bird. It’s Beer Butt Turkey time. Well just off the bat we’re in trouble without clarifying a few things. To purists this isn’t beer butt turkey (okay, you newbies, “Beer Butt Chicken,” “Beer Can Chicken” or “Drunken Chicken” to our Baptist Brethren– is where to take a can of beer and stick up a chicken’s hind end, half way filled with beer, and put on a grill for an hour or so. The steam from the beer helps cook the bird…

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