Helles Bier Aus Bayern


Meine Grosse Liebe |Munich, Germany This was definitely not in the Man Bag. The label says brewed by Egerer, and the Egerer website has some brews that feature the same Lion symbols. But if you search enough you find this beer has it’s own website and is a labor of love kind of brew where Stephan Schmid partnered up with long-term business partner Franz Luitpold Egerer, of the Egerer brewery, and came up with a beer that is a quintessential Munich beer. Both are big footballers so they made a great beer that says “Munch” and “Football” (soccer to us dumb Americans). It is another Helles Lager. But this one has the feel of a modern-era craft Helles. Meine Grosse Liebe translates as “My Great Love”. The website said “Brewed according to the Bavarian Purity Law of 1516, the traditional beer embodies the love and passion for Munich; from a…

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