W ednesday night was Riesling night again at our house. This time we had three European Rieslings to taste, and they were delicious. Riesling is one of the world’s great grapes, but many wine drinkers overlook it because of one or two bad experiences. Sometimes it can be made badly, either too sweet or too tart. But when it is done right, the grape produces outstanding wine. Our group of six joined others in an online group #WineChat to share observations about the wines. It was fun and informative. Our wines came from Austria, Germany and Alsace, all 100% Riesling. We were impressed with how different the wines were, and how good each one was. I’ll go through the wines one by one with the observations our tasters made. First up was Selbach Fish Label Dry Riesling Mosel 2011 ($30), from Germany. We thought it didn’t have much of an…

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