german pilsner


Kauzen-Brau Käuzle German Pilsner |Ochsenfurt, Germany Okay. I’m feeling a bit cheated here. I was hoping for a new tasting experience throughout Advent but this is one of the same brews from the Man Bag. The Best By Dates are the same so they were pretty much produced at the same time. The difference is I bought the Man Bag six months ago. The label has an owl on it and the inscription Ein Käuzle unters Schnäuzle (“A screech-owl under the whiskers!”). These guys are youngsters. They’ve only been brewing since 1809. So this is my second time drinking this. I also tried it back on Sept. 9. Pretty much the same notes. I wrote back then this was similar to another Pilsner in the Man Bag but with a nicer mouthfeel. But that mouthfeel is either perceived as slightly bitter or slightly dry. So to my palette is tastes…

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