German IPA


Perlenzauber IPA |Großköllnbach, Germany [dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #9b9b9b;”] [/dropcap] I was kind of surprised to see an IPA but there is was. IPAs aren’t my favorite but from time to time I find one I like. This one was very much like an East Coast IPA. Kinda funky label with a girl in a bikini top falling or trying to save herself. The can says it was brewed by Egerer but the BeerTasting App says “The pearl magic is Gipsy Brewing beer which is brewed and bottled exclusively for the Kalea beer advent calendar. Every year this specialty is brewed in a different brewery. This year the renowned Memminger brewery from Bavaria is allowed to swing the mash spoons. What are they brewing for us? 6.0% ABV.” So Perlenzauber is “Pearl Magic” in German. Maybe the girl is diving for pearls in her swimsuit. So maybe they changed brewers…

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