Doppelbock Dunkel


Kartäuser Doppelbock Dunkel |Memminger, Germany Finally a dark beer. Kartäuser Doppelbock Dunkel is a very dark Bavarian beer. I finished the Advent Calendar tonight as family gathered in the kitchen to eat after attending the family Christmas Eve service at our church. Mr. Ben had a speaking part in the Christmas Pageant. It was a great way to spend the evening. Our neighborhood and adjacent neighborhoods have lined the streets with luminaries giving the evening a calm feeling. All is well. And I have finally found a really dark beer in the Brewer’s Advent Calendar. This beer tastes dark but not a roasty toasty flavor. I know about roasting malts but I have to wonder if you can roast hops. I’ve never heard of roasting hops. This doesn’t pick up the caramel and other similar flavors with roasted malts. It has a dry mouthfeel to it. It is bitter on…

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