Bourbon Barrell


Avery Uncle Jacob’s Stout “Happy Birthday to you… Happy Birthday to you…..” I won’t bore you with my singing. I am on a mission to drink up all of the brews I have collected in my little fridges before I buy any more beer. In my quest I pulled out an Uncle Jacob’s Stout tonight and poured it into a frosted glass as I pretended to help prep dinner. I bought it when Wine World was closing and that’s been a while. This is part of Avery’s Annual Barrel Series. It’s aged in bourbon barrels like Tweak and Rumpkin. As I was pouring I notice this one was bottled on February 6th, 2018. That’s why I’m singing Happy Birthday. I’m drinking this beautiful stout on it’s 4th birthday. Avery makes some really nice bourbon barrel stouts that age very well. This is one of them. As I said I was…

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