Sweet Wine!
Sweet Wine!

While the cat’s away (some wine tasting thing, blah, blah, blah) this mousy wife is popping her own cork. Tonight’s lucky contender is the Schlink Hause Red Wine. I’m normally not a sweet wine connoisseur, but my Lutheran parochial school “communion wine shenanigans” helped me develop a taste for the sweeter, red things that the Lord doth provide.
At first swirl and taste, this wine causes flash backs to sweeter Mogen David days of yore when Luther’s Small Catechism recitations dictated whether we would make it into 8th grade with some assemblance of parental pride. But I digress…
After the initial, “Damn, this is sweet” this wine kind of grows on you. It’s tastes and feels like a thick rich dessert of sweet wine reduction. I’m tempted to use it in our next cooking adventure.
I’m not quite sure what else Dan posts on these things and after my second glass of the Schlink, don’t really care. It’s good, it’s German, it’s sweet, it’s cheap and I’m pretty sure it’s Lutheran. What more could you want?


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