Brittany Napier in Toast's wine cellar.
Brittany Napier in Toast’s wine cellar.

W hether you are hosting friends for Masters Week or visiting from out of town one of the things you have to do that week is stock your bar. Most people who spend the day at the course will come home and have a drink or two, either before, during or after dinner.

So what should a good bar include? I talked to my friends at Toast Wine and Beverage and we came up with these recommendations.

Vodka, gin, scotch and bourbon are the basics. Grey Goose is the most popular vodka right now and Bombay is a big hit with gin drinkers. For scotch you likely would go with a Johnny Walker, and Jack Daniel is the best selling whiskey.

Bombay is the favored gin.
Bombay is the favored gin.

Jack Daniel's is always popular.
Jack Daniel’s is always popular.

Don’t forget the mixers, such as tonic, soda, juice and ginger ale. Fever-Tree has been a popular tonic at Toast.

Bloody Mary mixers are big, with Charleston Mix the best seller. “A Bloody Mary is huge to give you your vitamins and keep you warm in the mornings,” said Brittany Napier of Toast.

Don't forget the Bloody Mary mix.
Don’t forget the Bloody Mary mix.

Ginger beer is good for Moscow Mules on hot days.
Ginger beer is good for Moscow Mules on hot days.

The most popular beers during Masters Week are Amstel Light, Corona, Heineken, Stella Artois, Bud Light and Miller Lite. Toast also has a wide array of craft beers.

Wine is very popular during the tournament, and Brittany said Toast has to restock their supplies three times during the week.

The most popular wines are Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay from well known producers such as Silver Oak, Joseph Phelps, Cakebread and Caymus. Toast also will have a handful of special selections from smaller producers that week. If you want something different in white wine, try Viognier or Sauvignon Blanc. For reds, look for a Cab-Merlot blend, a Carmenere or a Malbec.

This is just for a basic bar to get you through the week. You can add to it with other things you like, such as specialty bourbons, cordials, Port for those cool evenings or tequila for those Margaritas. (Piedra Azul makes a very tasty tequila.)

If you want some specific recommendations you can ask at your local wine shop. They are always ready to help. You also can look through the archives on the Bottle Report website. You can run through my recommendations going back several years. Just go to the reviews button near the top right of this page and click on my name. You will get all the wines I have reviewed.

If you want rum, there are many to choose from.
If you want rum, there are many to choose from.

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