Banana Split Chocolate Stout

O kay, enough is enough. I’ve got probably 20 different brews in all sorts of nooks and crannies in the laundry room that I plan to drink and review and they gotta go. No more. I promise not to buy any more beer until they are gone.

So tonight we are having Thomas Creek’s Banana Split Chocolate Stout. I say we because Beer Brother Mark dropped by. I wish Brother Brett could stop by but I think he’s still stuck in the wilds of Texas. I got this one on a recommendation from Wine World Mark (I know too many Marks). Beautiful old fashioned label that looks like it was made from an old wood cut or metal engraving. Brother Mark just got back from the funeral of his sister. I good time for a beer to chat over.

So, to the beer. The banana isn’t as prominent as I expected. The chocolate for sure. Most definitely the first thing on your palate on first taste. One second taste you start to pick out the other flavors. I guess I started to smell and taste the banana but I kept waffling. I think this would be even more chocolaty if the banana wasn’t there and if it was more chocolaty it might be like drinking Bosco.

Mark had been chatting with Mrs. Dan for a while when he finally took a sip. He sat up and said “I really like this. This is really good. First thing I taste is chocolate and then there’s some coffee taste in then a fruity finish. Very sweet smelling aroma. More of a prune flavor or maybe overripe plum than banana.”

I finally had to get a word in. I think the chocolate and coffee doesn’t leave bitter aftertaste. Slightly hoppy finish on the tip of the tongue. When it pours there is a nice dark creamy head.

After reading the label, which we save until after we taste so not to sway our opinions too soon it says there are caramel and toffee flavors. Now that we read that we think the caramel and toffee flavors are apparent. But the banana. Like I said before, I might sense some banana but maybe not. As it warms the coffee flavors take over.

Thomas Creek Banana Split Chocolate Stout
Thomas Creek Banana Split Chocolate Stout

This is a big beer coming in a 25.3 oz bottle. It comes with a wire cage and a “newcork” artificial cork so you don’t have to worry about the cork messing with the brew. Its 7.5% alc and a surprising 53 IBU and since you can’t really taste much bitterness there’s got to be a ton of malt countering the hops.

Mark just finished and added “for a stout this is not so in your face that it tastes like chocolate drink. Nice flavors on top of a nice beer base.”

The Thomas Creek Brewery web site doesn’t even mention this brew. (I remember one of the guys at the World Beer Festival saying they don’t update the site much any more and spend their time on Facebook).

This is part of their “Atypical Series.”

The label says “Forgive us, our transgressions. Banana split chocolate stout has a flavor so rich you will feel like you have just saddled up to the counter at an ice cream parlor. This dark chocolaty libation boasts caramel, toffee and roasted malt flavors. It is crisp and smooth, allowing distinct banana overtones to satiate your daily dose of sinful indulgence. The label also says “stout with dried bananas added.”

If you want a hoppy bitter brew, don’t buy this. You want a thick as molasses stout, don’t buy this. You want a nice smooth toasty malt brew that isn’t high gravity, try this brew.

Can’t say we really tasted the bananas but right now I have an incredible hankering for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Gotta go.


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