The free Elysian beer glass that came with the Space Dust IPA

Elysian Space Dust IPA |Seattle, WashingtonW e were in Newberry, SC, for the big total eclipse of 2017. We had read that millions of people would be descending from other parts of the country to see the eclipse, clogging the Interstates and paying top dollar to park in church parking lots out in the country. There was a guy walking around selling $20 eclipse glasses on Saturday at the BeerFest in Augusta. Hotel rooms were going for $500 in Columbia that normally go for $100 per night. Maybe there was some mention of zombies but I’m not sure what channel that was.
We got to Newberry around 9:45. We had maybe 2 cars in front of us the whole way from Augusta. We parked one block away from the main stage, on the street, for free. They had free eclipse glasses at the welcome center downtown. They had an astronaut from NASA signing books.
No zombies or people asking for money. There were thousands of people from around the country here in Newberry and the town welcomed them and treated them right.
The icing on the cake was at 11AM The Flying Pie opened their doors to the big crowd that had gathered. They normally open at 4:30. I have added a new pizzeria to the list of all time best pizzerias. The Flying Pie on Main Street joins my all time favorite list of Bullwinkle’s in Juneau, Moose’s Tooth in Anchorage, Pepper’s Pizza in Chapel Hill.
The sign told it all

And to make it even better, they were serving pints of Elysian Space Dust IPA in special Elysian glasses that you got to keep. The hostess had the last glass left just before Noon. Everyone was having some Space Dust. I had seen this brew at the grocery store. The box has a smiling green transmogrified hop head spewing out space dust from its mouth looking like some comet or sun that ancient people would have drawn to explain the origin of beer (sounds like a good theory) .
And the glass was free. Can’t say I have any other beer glasses in my collection that match the shape.
It went pretty good with our pizza which featured fig, goat cheese and prosciutto. I usually don’t drink a 8.2% ABV brew at lunch but I knew I would sweat it all out as soon as we step back outside.
It’s a West Coast IPA but just a little less bitter and seems to be a bit sweeter on the second sip. It’s got a really long bitter finish. Really long. Grapefruit jumps out on the third sip. It gets a bit smoother and malty (just barely) when it warms up. That finish lasts until you eat something or steal a sip of your wife’s Legal Remedy World Court Mocha Blonde Stout. This brew from Rock Hill is one of the lightest colored brews that tastes really dark. You can taste the vanilla before you even take a sip. I’m gonna have to find some of that for later.
This is the Legal Remedy World Court Mocha Blonde Stout my wife had

Elysian has a tent at the Augusta BeerFest last Saturday but I didn’t stop by because I was trying to stick with local brews. I assume the free glass promotion was pretty wide spread because the cards in the window were professionally done.
So, with a little space dust and some great pizza in me it was time to head out back into the South Carolina sun and wait for the cool breezes of the total eclipse.
The Total Eclipse was spectacular. The clouds that seem to gather around 2pm just went away and it lived up to its billing. Shame it only lasts for a little more than 2 and a half minutes. Looking forward to the next one in 2024.
I shot this with a 85 mm using the free eclipse glasses we got at the visitor center.

I shot this with my trusty Nikon and my old 180 lens.

This guy was using parking space to wait. He flew all the way from England.

This family drove over from Augusta. They look familiar


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