Dundee Oktoberfest

O kay, Dennis kind of rubbed salt in an old wound when he wrote his post about the Olympics and used the photo of the wine against a TV screen of an Olympic cycling event. I bought a bottle of Cycles Gladiator with the intent of sipping it while watching tonight’s coverage of the Olympic Time Trials. I always try and buy a bike themed wine during the Tour de France. I decided to make it up with the Olympics.

I noticed that Cycles Gladiator had redesigned their label so it doesn’t flaunt the “necket” lady so much. You might remember when the State of Alabama banned the wine couple of years ago because of the art deco painting from a bicycle ad from 100 years ago was deemed too risqué. (Last time I was in Auburn I saw a bottle of this wine so they must have been shamed into allow it to be sold again).

I wanted to sit back and enjoy this wine while I watched the cycling time trials. But NBC decided it would be best to broadcast it at 1AM and it’s a bit too late to be sipping on wine. Now I said Dennis kind of rubbed salt in a wound. I live each year for the Tour de France. I could sit in front of the TV for the 3 weeks during the tour and watch it live then watch the rebroadcast 2 or 3 times. That is a sporting event that NBC properly covers. But this year my Tour watching sucked. I saw most of the first week then found out I was taking the Filemaker Certification Exam the second week and spent the week studying then I took off for the Filemaker Developers Convention in Miami and the fancy, schmancy Fontainbleu Hotel doesn’t have NBCSport channel and I missed out all of the mountain stages of week 3. I got to see the time trials on Saturday when British Cyclist Bradley Wiggins sealed the win then riding to victory on Sunday. And to make things worse I entered the fantasy team challenge and my team finished about 8000th place.

I was hoping to get some of that Tour excitement back watching Olympic cycling events. I did watch the road race last Saturday and Sunday but it’s not really the same. (Boy did the Brtis blow that one on Saturday). Well I just watched Kristin Armstrong smoke the competition and win the Women’s Time Trials. She’s amazing. So, there’s a review in here somewhere. Today was a long day. I got some work done then attended the talent show held at Mr. Ben’s day camp. It’s the last week of summer day camp and they wanted to do something special. For Mr. Ben’s talent he wanted to have a play about building a LEGO battleship.

I set out on a mission to convince him that was a bad idea. I took him out on the drive way and showed him how dropping a Mentos into a bottle of soda would do some cool things. He agreed that a Science Project/Performance Art event would be much better. So, we took about 10 bottles of soda out to the school, setup a table outside for the big event. Some how Ben recruited two buddies to help. The three of them dropped Mentos into 3 Liter bottles of soda to the tune of Also Sprach Zarathustra (opening theme of 2001: A Space Odyssey). It was cool. I setup a GoPro camera on the table next to them. I think his buddies were impressed. I was very proud of the boys.

Then we went to church tonight for the annual school supplies dinner they throw to help collect donated school supplies for Craig-Houghton School (go to Churchwiththereddoors.org to see details if you would like to donate supplies). We got home and Mr. Ben decided to ride his bike. I wanted to open the Cycles Gladiator but it was too hot to enjoy a glass of wine. I decided to help thin my herd of 55 different brews. I picked out a Dundee Oktoberfest. Wrong season but it was cold and I liked it. I noticed the label said it was a Marzen style lager.

This was from last October so I can’t guarantee that the taste is as fresh as it was back then but I do plan to buy more this Fall. The back label is cool. “For thousands of years, fall has been a time of plenty~plenty of food and plenty of good brew,carefully crafted in anticipation of one heck of a party. Is summer is exercise, bikini diets and baking in the sun, fall is recliner Sundays, cheese in a can, and basking in the glow of a robust, flavorful brew like Dundee Oktoberfest.. So in the fall, be full-bodied. After all, as much as we love bikinis, there is a lot to be said for cheerleader sweaters.”

I could drink this beer year round, whether it’s bikini or cheerleader sweater season. The first taste kind of reminds me of a pumpkin ale I had last Fall. Nice and malty. Not in your face. No bitterness. Nice flavor profile that pretty much stays the same from start to finish. Not as heavy as other Marzens I’ve had. The only problem with drinking this one outside in 90 degree heat is that it warms up too quick for my taste. I like cold beer.

So, I leaned against the car enjoying this nice beer as Mr. Ben made laps up and the driveway using my car as the turning point. I noticed that the air was particularly clear. The deep blue sky and the golden late evening light reminded me of Fall so maybe this was a good choice. It was relaxing. The heat wasn’t so bad. I occasionally had to help give a push to a stuck Mr. Ben (he still hasn’t made it off the training wheels). A gentle sip of Dundee Oktoberfest and the weight of the day is gone.

As the little red-head pedaled around and around I realized that I was watching a cycling event that was better than anything I could watch on TV tonight. Not a bad day. From: Rochester New York Brewery: Dundee Brewing Company


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