Wyldewood Elderberry Wine
Wyldewood Elderberry Wine
Wyldewood Elderberry Wine
Brett brought me some Kansas wine to try. Yes, Kansas wine. “Who’d thunk” that Kansas would have a winery. Well this isn’t a grape wine but an elderberry wine.
I’ve always been a little leery of elderberry wine ever since I saw the play Arsenic and Old Lace as a kid. My mother was a member of the Griffin Footlight Players who put on the comedy at the old Griffin High Auditorium. I think she might have had a small part in it. Our neighbor and family friend, Miss Mary Fitzhugh, played one of the aunts who was poisoning lonely old men with arsenic in the elderberry wine. Not sure I wanted to try a wine used to knock people off.
Of course I was barely a teenager so I couldn’t try any at that time anyway. I remember hearing Mrs. Blackwelder from around the corner visiting the Goddards from time to time for a little sip of eldeberry wine. Why it took a couple of decades to try I don’t know. Not sure I would have tried this bottle since it cost more than $10. (Brett pointed that out).
I have to admit it is a nice little wine. Very light and semi-sweet. Got a sharp little hint of bitterness on the finish that makes it interesting. It’s interesting enough to share with friends although the super-dry drinkers will turn their nose up at it.
I was sipping it as Mrs. Dan was finishing up her canning of jelly made from grapes from our garden. We had to make a preemptive strike yesterday to keep the cardinals from eating them all. She made about 7 jars.
That’s where the elderberry wine came in. Brett had dropped it off Friday night. Mrs. Dan still had a bunch of berries left over and a ton of jalepeno peppers. (We made some pepper/strawberry jelly last night). Then she took some blueberries and blackberries, mixed them with some jalepenos, basil from the garden and a cup of elderberry wines.
Well she just figured out that this is more of a sauce than a jelly. She backed off the sugar not knowing the pectin needed the sugar to setup as a jelly. This sauce is really nice…. and really hot. I bet this would taste nice on turkey or a pork loin…. oops. This is supposed to be a wine review.
Anyway. I looked at the bottle and it says “Our goal is to create a wine that taste good to you.” I can’t throw stones at anyone’s spelling or grammar. Just read one of my columns. I can’t resist. I’m not sure if they are trying to settle on creating one wine that tastes good or one that a single drinker out there would like.
It has a very light mouthfeel. The flavor is a little like cranberry. A hint of scuppernong sweetness at the very start. But a hint. As I mentioned earlier there is a slightly bitter taster at the finish but it’s not lasting. I tried it with some hummus I made and it wasn’t bad. It went well with some Swiss Cheese as well. And despite being 12.5% alcohol I can’t say that it packs much of a punch.
This is a nice little sipper that I would be tempted to serve slightly chilled if I got another bottle. (I had this at room temperature). Not sure if I would be drinking this with a nice steak or a hamburger. I think a red grape wine would be better there.
From: Mulvane, Kansas
: Wyldewood Cellars


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