Atwater Decadent Dark Chocolate Ale (I think)

D ave, aka Mr. Mrs-Dan-in-Law, bought some of the last craft beers from a out-of-business bottle shop on Mackinac Island. He brought them south for me and the beer boys to sample at Christmas. Well they ain’t here and I’m sitting here digging through tons of paper doing my taxes. Since I don’t seem to know what I’m doing in these matters (so Mrs. Dan says and she’s always right) I thought it appropriate that I drink a beer that I know nothing about.

One of the 6 bottles he bought was missing the label. The only clue as to the contents was the Atwater Brewery cap.

I opened it and a nice dark brown, almost black, maybe looking a bit like used motor oil, poured out. Not much head.

But wow, a nice smooth creamy mouthfeel. The first thing that came to mind was “Bosco.” This reminds me of my youth when there was nothing better than a nice cold glass of milk mixed with Bosco. If you are under 45 you probably don’t know what Bosco is, Google it.

This is one chocolately brew. I looked on their website and used their descriptions to determine it is their Decadent Dark Chocolate Ale. They describe it as “Beer lovers and Chocoholics unite! It’s a decadent Atwater ale that ends with a dark chocolate kiss.”

I really like this brew. I liked it very cold. When it warms up it becomes a bit bitter on the finish….. no.. not real bitter but dry, like eating unsweetened dark baking chocolate.

I doubt I can find it here in the area. Dave might have to bring me a sampler of some of their other brews. The Dirty Blonde (unmalted wheat, coriander and orange peel) and the Vanilla Java Porter both south pretty good.

So, with that said I better get back to the taxes.

Atwater Brewery Cap
Atwater Brewery Cap

ABV 5.50% IBU 12
Made with fine-roasted coffee beans and vanilla extract, this is one of the most admired beers Atwater offers. Unique and flavorful, with a chocolate malt finish.
From: Detroit, Michigan
Brewery: Atwater Brewing


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