Actually I hated wasting such a good wine out my nose

Montevina Amador County Zinfandel 2006

R emember when one of your elementary school chums would get you laughing so hard in the lunchroom that milk would shoot out your nose. (Tommy Brown did that to me more than once at old Third Ward). Well tonight I experienced the adult version. A friend sent me a link to a YouTube video from the folks at I made the mistake of drinking a glass of some nice discounted wine while I watched.

Purple snot erupted. I need to go rinse my sinuses. Anyway thank God for people with too much time on their hands. These guys have sendups for Barack Obama, Rick Perry, Michelle Bachmann but the one that sent me over the top was the one on Mitt Romney. See for yourself.

Anyway I was proud of finding this little wine. It was on the discontinued table at Publix for $7.35. (I also found some great Primus wines I’ll be reviewing shortly). They had remodeled and put a bunch of wine out first on a table then on a shelf near the regular wines. I hope the Montevina line is not being discontinued because I’ve always like their wines. The had a really nice Barbera at a Tasters Guild tasting a couple of years ago and at a tasting at Wine World. I’ve had some others since. I’m just hoping it was the vintage they were getting rid of. (it is a 2006).
If you’ve read many of my posts you’ll know that Zins are some of my favorite, especially old vine. Don’t think this one is OV but the flavor is full and jammy.

I’m sitting here trying to pick up the flavors and aromas but with a snoot full of wine it’s hard. I’m going to cheat and read the label and see if I agree.

“fruit-forward and sassy with irresistible cassis and pepper aromas, and lush blackberry, ripe plum and spice flavors followed by a long, smooth finish. ” Okay, I’ll buy the pepper aromas and the ripe plum and spice flavors. Cassis is one of those flavors I’ve never mastered. I’ve been meaning to go to the spice cabinet and find some cassis. But first I did a Google search and found that its also known as blackcurrant. So if it’s blackcurrant why not call it that. Seem like only wine people call this spice cassis. There even seems to be a debate on if its blackcurrent or blackcurrant which is made from cassis berries. Guess I need to visit the spice aisle at Earth Fare sometime to see if they had any. Sorry I brought it up.

I like this wine. Matter of fact last time I looked there was some more bottles at Publix (the one on Washington Road). I think I need to head over there and see if any are left. Race ya.

Mrs. Dan really likes this wine. She gave me a thumbs up even after spewing wine out my nose onto the carpet.
From: Amador, California
Winery: Montevina
Year: 2006


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