Roger said he “had the opportunity to try a few wines from Slovenia this week. They were surprisingly good! Well, I had to bring them in to share with you this weekend.”
This tasting ended at 5 on Saturday as Roger had a Parking Lot party starting at 5PM to celebrate his 10th anniversary and Outdoor Augusta’s 1st anniversary. Live entertainment. Despite the rain that hit about 60-70 people enjoyed the food and entertainment.
Claiming 4 Gold in the Decanter 2012 Wine Awards, amongst others; Slovenia remains “the leading force in the region”. Home to the world’s oldest grape vine, wine making in Slovenia existed long before the Romans introduced wine making to France, Germany and Spain; since the time of the Celts and Illyrian tribes. It’s no wonder then that Slovenia has such a rich wine making history and in excess of 28,000 wineries, producing upward of 80 million litres of wine annually from its 22,300 hectares of vineyards. Roughly 75% of that production is taken up with White wine. Almost all of the wine produced in Slovenia is consumed domestically; the remainder of which is exported.
The grape varieties are different from what you may be use to; Sauvignonnasse & Ribolia Gialla to name two. This will be a great exercise and expansion of your wine knowledge if you come to this tasting. Here is the line-up:
Avia Pinot Grigio
Avia Sauvignon Blanc
Colliano Sauvigonasse
Colliano Ribolla Gialla
Avia Pinot Noir
Avia Merlot
Colliano Cuvee Red (Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon)
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