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T he week ended pretty good. Mr. Ben’s soccer team, the Bandits, won their second championship in a row at the Y tonight. Hard fought game against a very good team. They fell behind 2-1 and fought back with a minute or so to go to tie it up. Then in the overtime they won on a single goal. Proud of all them.

This photo and the main slider photo from the website
This photo and the main slider photo from the website
So to celebrate we went around the corner to Buffalo Wild Wings. I have to admit it was my idea. I’ve had some good food at the one in Auburn after a football game or two. Mrs. Dan had a cab and I had Shiner Bock. They bragged about a 30 tap selection. I realized they probably have a national contract with the usual big boys. They have to or else they couldn’t save money on printing their fancy beer menu. Can’t have anything custom for the locals. They had a SweetWater brew but other than that, nothing local. No Eagle Creek. No Terrapin. No Red Hare. No Monday Night Brewing. No Southbound. No Riverwatch Brewing. They didn’t even have the Blue Moon seasonal. 30 taps of boring… except for the Shiner Bock. Well… they did have Lone Rider’s Shotgun Betty, which is a pretty good brew, but I just had that at the beer festival last weekend and wasn’t in the mood for a Hefeweizen.
I haven’t a Shiner in a while. The roasted barley malts make this dark American lager really nice. Smooth. Not a trace of bitterness. It’s hard to imagine with all the corporate brew that took over that this dark brew has been around since 1913. If I had tried this back in the 80’s I might never have drunk Killian’s. I ordered the tall. The Shiner website says it pairs well with “porch sitting, washer tossing and dog petting.” We didn’t have the dog or a washer to toss but we were sitting outside Buffalo Wild Wings on the patio, mainly because you can’t hear yourself think inside.
The Shiner was pretty good. These guys were ahead of their time. The second one I ordered was never delivered. I was able to eat my meal, which was okay, but Mrs. Dan’s was pretty … well like my momma said, if you can’t say something nice. They took her food off the bill after she sent it back and they removed the drinks we ordered but never received. The wings they gave us to take home were… well once again, like my momma said.
So I want to thank the Spoetzl Brewery for saving the evening. And I’m thankful that World of Beer is coming to town. At least I know I can get some good local brews and watch the game on TV.
Brewery: Spoetzl Brewery


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