$2 beer and a $1 dog. Heaven

Omaha Brewing Nada-Banana |Omaha, Georgia
I was at one of the last nights the Augusta Greenjackets would be playing in their Lake Olmstead Stadium location. Kinda sad to see them move across the river to North Augusta. Had a few beers here over the years. Tonight was special. It was lady’s night and I had Mrs. Dan with me (or I need a haircut). We got 24oz craft brews for $2 each. I was in heaven. Plus I got $1 hotdogs. Score…..I left off that I got the tickets for free as well.
I got the Omaha Brewing Nada-Banana and Mrs. Dan got the Omaha Brewing Gnat Knocker at the craft beer cart. Everything was half-price. I was wondering why they had brews from Oklahoma when there are so many great local brews. And why would a brewery from the Mid-West have a gnat named beer. I told Beer Brother Brett that and he said that the only reason the winds are pretty constant in Kansas is that Nebraska sucks and Oklahoma blows. I told him they make great beer in Oklahoma.
Well do I have beer on my face. I did a search and found out that Omaha Brewing is located in Omaha, Georgia. Get your microscope out to find it. It’s a tiny little place south of Columbus. I think BRAG rode through that region a few years ago along the road they are located on. I don’t remember Omaha. But it’s on the map and the folks at Omaha Brewing are making some nice brews.
Their site says “somewhere in South Georgia not far from a cotton field and a hay pasture, Omaha Brewing Company was founded by a man known as “Doc.”Doctor Robert E. Leepurchased a former school house and industrial plant with an unsure vision that quickly became sure after realizing craft beer wasn’t something the deep south had wrapped its roots around just yet. But with the OBC familyguiding the path of the brews, only time stands in the way of making OBC the staple in the South’s craft beer revolution.”
I need to visit their tasting room.
Here’s what their site says about the Nada-Banana: American Weiss Beer / 15.1 IBU’s • 5.3% ABV. Upon pouring, this beer is light in color with very little haze and a very thick head. Similar to traditional German-style Weissbier, this beer boasts huge banana and clove aromas followed by a wonderful taste of banana, vanilla and spices that finishes with a fruity, smooth aftertaste. The fluffy mouthfeel can be attributed to the amount of protein gained from the wheat which also leaves a beautiful lacing in your glass.”
I had to think about the “fluffy” mouthfeel. It was pretty smooth and yet effervescent. Banana flavors for sure. The clove was very noticeable. It has a wheat beer backbone but had some of thos Belgian flavors to it. I really enjoyed watching the ball game… which the Greenjackets won. I have never seen this brew outside of the park so I might have to go look as see if the Hive has it.
Of course I had to try Mrs. Dan’s Gnat Knocker. Here’s what they say about it on their website: German-style Helles Lager / 15 IBU’s • 4.5 ABV
A light Munich Helles lager pale in color with a sweet cereal nose and a dry finish. An easy-drinking, light beer full of simple flavors. Whether the weather is hot or whether the weather is not, this brew was meant for relaxation, enjoying good company and watching the south Georgia sunset. Knock a few back, because the only thing more persistent than gnats is a pint glass bugging you for more.
We did get to see the sunset at the game. The weather was perfect. Nice breeze. No humidity (a rarity). I was tempted to steal the rest of her beer. This is easy drinking. I could watch a few sunsets with it.
On their website they mention their “The General’s Select Barrel Aged Stout.” That I got to find. “Ale Aged in Jack Daniel’s Barrels / 62.9 IBU’s • 11.1 ABV. This beautiful barrel-aged stout boasts a bold flavor profile with chocolate, roasty, coffee, oak, bourbon whiskey and vanilla notes derived from the combination of seven malts and barrel aging. Limited release.” I need to find someone in the Columbus area to get me some if it’s event still available.
Now if only Omaha Brewing would take over the making of the nachos for the Greenjackets. They would do a better job. I hope the Greenjackets don’t take them to North Augusta next year. The cheese is real nasty. Maybe it was leftover from opening day back in April.
Getting beyond the nachos and cheese, all and all a great night. Watching a great ball game against Charleston with my family. Nice beer. $1 dogs
: Omaha Brewing
These are nasty


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