The chicken tasted better than it looked.
The chicken tasted better than it looked.

Handcraft Artisan Collection Petite Sirah 2011|California

I thought I would head home early today, clean up and start dinner early. Never hurts to earn some brownie points with Mrs. Dan. I started the week off with a frown from her because I bought some chicken breasts on sale with skin and bone still attached. I thought I could at least get the skin off and grill the chicken after marinating it.

With grilled chicken you can cut it up and add it to just about anything. She’s been eating a lot of salads lately, hence I am to, so I thought it could be used for that.

Well about 1/2 of the chicken could be used for salad toppings. The other half went in the trash. I didn’t set the grill low enough and it was a bit on the burnt side where the marinate turned to carbon. But it still tasted good, what was trimmed off. Now being a cheap bastard I tried some of the darker pieces and was left with some nasty flavors.

Mrs. Dan asked for wine and I pulled out the Handcraft Petite Sirah. I was thinking it was about time to start clearing out the wine rack and this one had been there since April, when I bought it at Wine World. They had featured it at their Third Thursday tasting and loved it.


Tonight I loved it again. There’s nothing petite about his Petite Sirah. Interesting how jammy it is. Now it starts off bold and fruity and drifts off to something jammy then shifts to a bit of dryness at the end. Here’s the notes that Wine World provided back in April.

This bold, jammy, big red shows aromas & flavors reminiscent of blueberry, plum, boysenberry and black cherry with spice notes.  Hints of chocolate and vanilla in the long finish. It’s 82% Petite Sirah with dashes of several other grapes. (Delicato Family Vineyards.)  Terrific match for steaks and burgers, for lamb and game. Great with ribs or chili.  Medium hot curry dishes. Excellent with bold vegetable dishes.  Moussaka, eggplant casserole. Robust cheeses. Aged Gouda. Manchego.

So I guess you could add burnt chicken to the list. Actually the parts we ate on our bed of spinach wasn’t burnt and was quite tasty. It went very nice with this wine. Now I differ from Mrs. Dan take on the finish. She said it had a light finish that wasn’t anything to write about. I loved the finish. It was drier that the start but still with lots of flavor. Reading the notes I would say the black cherry and boysenberrty is pretty on target.

The sad part about it is I don’t have another bottle for later.
Winery: Handcraft Artisan Collection (Delicato)


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