OK, so it’s summer and the heat just won’t let you drink another red wine. Have I got the solution for you.
Sangria is the perfect summer drink for wine lovers who don’t want to switch to beer or gin and tonic. It’s also a good alternative for people who are tired of beer and want to try something new, but they aren’t sure they like wine.
I have loved Sangria for a long time. I have enjoyed some of the pre-bottled Sangrias and I have loved making my own. Now there is Sangria in a box.
Beso Del Sol Sangria is the first bag-in-a-box format, and everything about it is just right. The price is incredible. It equates to $5 for a regular 750ml bottle. The wine tastes terrific, and at 8.5% alcohol, you can quench any thirst without getting tipsy.
Teri and put a box in the refrigerator to see how long it would last, but we weren’t very good test subjects. With the airtight pouch keeping the wine fresh, it’s supposed to last up to six weeks, but we could only manage to make it last two weeks.
We drank the Sangria with tacos and with hamburgers, and it was great with them and other kinds of food. But we really put a dent in the pouch by grabbing a glassful just about every afternoon. It was already chilled, I didn’t have to open a bottle, and it was just too darn convenient.
This is the perfect wine for tailgate parties, picnics, beach trips, backyard barbecues or to just stick in the fridge to have a nice glass of wine ready at any time. It’s light and refreshing, and it pairs well with all kinds of food, especially food to nibble on.
The wine is a beautiful deep purple in the glass with pleasant cherry and strawberry aromas. It is made from a high quality medium-body Spanish Tempranillo mixed with fruit to create a slightly sweet, refreshing drink. When we drink it we often put fruit in our glasses, such as grapes, orange slices, peaches and limes. But it doesn’t need the extra fruit; the taste is very nice straight out of the box.
Easy-to-use boxes great for parties.
Easy-to-use boxes great for parties.
We loved being able to go to the refrigerator at any time and pour a glass without feeling guilty that we might not finish a bottle.
Sangria is a fast-growing drink in the United States, and the boxed format also is growing quickly. Beso Del Sol seems aimed at the younger market, with bright, festive packaging and pictures of hard-bodies by the pool in their marketing. But speaking for a couple of older folks I can tell you this really is a wine for all generations.
The box format is easy to use. If you’re going somewhere it’s light and takes up less space than four bottles. It is environmentally sound, so you can feel good about drinking wine from a box. Maybe someday we’ll get over the stigma that box wine is cheap wine.
Beso Del Sol translates to kissed by the sun. It is imported by Arctic Beverage and distributed in Georgia by Georgia Crown. The only problem I have with it is that I have not been able to find it in Augusta. The closest place seems to be Atlanta, but I’m going to keep looking. Maybe someone will start stocking it here.
From: Spain
Cost: $20
Year: NV
Airtight pouch keeps the wine fresh up to 6 weeks.
Airtight pouch keeps the wine fresh up to 6 weeks.


  1. Can I buy and have it shipped to me? I live in Texas and tried while at Disney World and feel in love. Best sangria wine I have ever had.

    • ABC Laws in Georgia prohibit wine shops from shipping wines to customers. Sorry.

  2. This stuff is great! Doesn’t leave my mouth dry like all the others. It’s sweet, but not too sweet and the alcohol percent is just enough to feel it just moments after the first sip. It is hard to find, but worth the hunt. The price is affordable as well, making it the best of both worlds.

  3. This wine is delicious absolutely no side effects from any ingredients that causes puffiness in the morning pleasant tasting wonderful aroma I love it

  4. Richard Mabe Reply

    I stood in the wine isle for 15 mins reading sangria reviews until I came across this article and I’m sure glad I did. This sangria is exactly what I was looking for. Not too sweet, not too dry and not too expensive. I doubt even a sangria snob would have a negative word to say about it. Thanks to everyone for the acurate reviews before me.

  5. Heading to Maine from Canada for a week, and my Host just picked this sangria up for me. This was a great review , and can not wait to try!

  6. I saw it on my cruise ship. They added chopped fruit and red wine. A local bar uses the white Beso sangria and adds white, red, or rose to make their 3 sangrias. The pros apparently think it’s good. I do, too.

  7. How sweet is it? A lot of bottled sangrias are cloying to my taste and I am looking for something that is only mildly sweet. Is there added sugar in the ingredients?

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