I remember entering Wine World back in 2009 when we started BottleReport. Meeting Dick and Sally Benjamin was memorable but I think I remember Dale Siliko the most. He was one of the kindest, most soft-spoken people I had ever met. His knowledge of wines was extraordinary. He was able to recommend a pretty good wine for my usual price point.

Dale pours one of the evening's red wines from Chile
Dale pours during Wines of Chile seminar June 8, 2012

He was with Wine World for 14 years.  He was a fixture at the seminars, ever precise in pouring for the attendees. Never too much, never too little. He was usually the one to pour for the evening’s presenter.

When you made a credit card purchase he had this little move where he would flip your card around to present it back, almost like a swordsman swooshing his sword into a salute.

Happy Anniversary to Dale and Sue
Dale and Sue celebrate their anniversary Nov. 7, 2011

He was devoted to his wife of 54 years, Sue, who was always at the shop greeting tasters at the First Friday and Third Thursday tastings. They were quite the couple. His obituary said he was a U.S. Navy veteran and retired after 31 years with Carlisle Tire and Wheel Company. Wine World was a pretty good retirement gig. I don’t think he thought of Wine World as work but a place to meet people and enjoy life.



Tonight I’ve opened a bottle of 2012 Steele Pacini Zinfandel in his honor. This was the same wine he served me at a Quincy Steele Wine Seminar back in January 2016. I had saved this for a special occasion. This is not the special occasion I had waited for. But saluting a fine man with a fine wine is kind of fitting.

Dale pouring at the Quincy Steele Seminar in January 2016
Dale pouring at the Quincy Steele Seminar in January 2016

Dale, 79, passed August 7, 2021. His memorial service will be at 2PM at the Posey Funeral Chapel and will be conducted with Military Honors. The family will have a visitation one hour before the service.


Dale, cheers for a life well lived.

Dale had a surprise birthday celebration during the Wine World Farewell party Feb. 24, 2019




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